10 best websites to watch free movies online without downloading

People used to watch movies on various TV channels. Now, this process has become boring as there are a lot of ads, which are shown in between the movie. That is the reason that people prefer to watch movies online. There are many websites that provide the feature of watching movies without paying any money. Users should have a computer or smartphone, which can be connected to high-speed internet. There are many legal and illegal websites, which provide the services of watching movies free of costs. Users should watch the movies on the legal ones only as they do not infringe into copyright issue. Here are some of the websites, which users can use to watch movies online.


This is a very simple website and users can find a search bar in the center when the website is opened. Users just have to type the title of the movie or the TV series, which they want to watch and the video link will be displayed. If users do not know the title, they can check the media library and watch the movie of their choice. Users can also find the details of the movie like a list of actors, release date, and other information.


This is a website that has a huge collection of movies, cartoons, anime, and TV series. New movies and TV series are always added to the website on a regular basis so users can find the latest movies that they want to watch. The movies can be searched by their titles, genre, category, release year, and many other ways. There are many servers of this website so if one is shut down, others are available for streaming.


This is a website, which users can use to watch the movies for free. There are many movies available on this website and belong to different categories like horror, comedy, family, drama, and many others. Currently, the site is available for the people of the US and Canada but will also be launched for other countries too.


People who love watching animes can access this website. Beside animes, there are movies, TV series, and other content. The website is available in 120 countries and has millions of users. The searching is also very easy as users can search the movies by title or by genre.

Tubi TV

This is a website that has around 50,000 movies. The website also has a partnership with different production houses like Paramount, MGM Studios, etc. Cartoons, Hollywood movies, documentaries are available on this site.


This website is regularly enriched with the latest films and users have the option to choose their favorite movies. The video quality is either 720p or 1080p.


This is a website that does not have any movies. It provides links to other websites that provide the facility of watching movies without paying any money. There are many options on the website, which users can use to check about the latest movies and TV series.


This is a free movie streaming website where users can watch all types of movies. There are many tabs on the home page of the website, which denotes the genre of the movies. Users can stream any movie and watch it online.

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It is a website that has a large library of movies and TV series. People can see any movie or TV series. The main advantage of this website is that the movies are ad-free and people can watch the movies without any interruption or irritation.


This is a website on which users have the option of watching the latest online free movies. The home page of the website contains the posters of the latest movies that have been launched recently. There are many categories, which the users can use to search for a movie like a release date, country, most-watched, horror, comedy, drama, etc.

Final Verdict

These are a few websites, which users can use to watch the movies online without paying any money. They can watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies both new and old. Some websites ask for free registration but most of them can be navigated without any registration. Users just have to navigate to the site, search the move, and start watching.

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