Law Firm’s Local Competitors

6 Actionable Tips To Identify Your Law Firm’s Local Competitors

Are you a lawyer who is looking to explore the digital space to promote your practice? Then you are not alone and numerous other attorneys are also thinking along the same lines. Every law firm is trying to leverage digital media to boost its client intake and improve audience engagement. This makes it essential to have a plan in place to keep track of the competition. This brings us to another vital question. Do you know who your law firm’s local competitors are? Most people who have just started a new practice will struggle to answer this question. With everyone in your category trying to target the same group of people, it becomes necessary to know your rivals. In the absence of insightful knowledge of your competition, it will be almost impossible to get ahead of them. Here are some competitor research tips that must be a part of an online marketing plan for law firms.

1. Study Local Packs In Relevant Search Results

The best way to know about your main rivals is to conduct a local search. Type the name of your practice area followed by your location in a search engine. Press enter and go to the local pack displayed on the SERP. Google users will be familiar with the 3-pack that is accompanied by a map. There are 3 results listed in this pack along with their ratings, opening and closing time, and map pins. Search engines choose the entries in this section based on the relevance and quality of the entities. The local pack acts as a quick guide for people looking for a specific service. You can note down the law firms that feature in a search result related to your practice area.

2. Check Out The Adverts In The Search Results

A search results page can be broadly divided into three major sections. On top are a few paid adverts followed by the local 3-pack. The organic results appear only after these two sections. Since paid adverts appear right on top, a lot of legal practitioners try to use them to grab visitors’ attention. However, they have to contend with the fact that keywords related to the legal industry are among the top 10 most expensive search phrases. Nevertheless, looking at the ads that populate searches related to your category will be helpful in identifying the top rivals.

3. Go Through Local Business Directories

Local business directories have become vital online resources to locate relevant service options in your vicinity. Legal practitioners also use them to get in front of relevant audiences and to increase their local citations. You can log on to popular business directories and check their listings to find out about the competition in your area. Apart from Google My Business, you must also check platforms that cater specifically to law-related entities. Use the search function of the directories to discover your law firm’s local competitors. Remember whenever you conduct a search on any platform do check where your agency appears as compared to the top-performing firms. This will help you understand the gap between you and your top rivals.

4. Use Competitor Research Tools

The methods explained so far will give you a fair idea of your rivals. However, you need to conduct in-depth research with competitor research tools. These solutions collect valuable data related to different metrics of the various competing entities. This helps you in knowing the exact areas where other firms are scoring over your agency. Competitor analysis tools will give you exact figures about the traffic of an interface and the demographics of its audience. You can also know the keywords for which these entities are grabbing the top spots in related searches.

5. Talk To Your Target Audience  

Another good way to identify the competition is by talking to your target audience. These people who are actually using the services of law firms in your domain will help you identify the qualities that have helped an entity reach the top spot. You can take a leaf out of market research professionals and conduct surveys to know why people hired a specific firm. Once you know why people like a particular attorney, you will also be aware of the strategy that must be employed to attract potential clients. 

6. Check Social Media And Community Forums

Lawyers use social media to engage their audiences. You can check social networks to find out about the attorneys that are driving the maximum engagement. Look for professionals who are being sought after the most by prospective clients. You can also check community forums to know about the firms that are attracting the maximum number of help queries. Increased interactions on a profile is a clear indicator that it belongs to a popular entity. 


The race to get in front of the target audience cannot be won without knowing your law firm’s local competitors. You can implement the suggestions discussed here to identify your rivals and build a plan to close the gap between your entity and them.



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