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If you have been following the tech news lately, you must have likely heard about virus removal apps or free antivirus for Android doing the rounds.

Malware for Android is real, and its threat has increased 72% more since April of this year. Withstanding the fact that the concern to remove virus from phone is growing at an alarming rate.

Should you be worried and download an antivirus app for your Android phone right away? Let’s look at it objectively.

But first, for those who do not know much about Android malware, let’s help you figure out what it is?

What is Android Malware?


Fig.1 – Android Malware


Malicious Software or what it is commonly known as malware is a virus program designed to replicate itself by attaching to another program. Hackers use it to control a device, steal passwords, banking details, and other private details to cause damage to both tangible and intangible properties without the owner’s knowledge.

A malware removal app for Android or a virus cleaner can be the safest bet to stick with.



How can your Android phone get infected?

Simple. From infected apps installed on your device. It is one of the major gateways where viruses come from. Viruses like Gunpowder, Trojan, and Googlian enter via. text messages thus increasing the need for getting a mobile antivirus. These threats attack personal information.

Therefore, one misguided tap can cause damage beyond repair.


How does Anti-virus for Android Mobile Work?


Most antivirus app for Android work by identifying any or all potential threats attacking your smartphone. They scan for harmful files and applications that were downloaded with or without your knowledge.


Mobile antiviruses detect malware infected software, but they do not automatically remove them from your device. Rather they provide options to delete them. The Google Play Store is full of free mobile security application. All you need is to find the best one and download it.


How to find out if your phone needs an antivirus cleaner?


There are symptoms that will give you an idea if your phone is infected and can benefit from an anti-virus cleaning app. Check out for these three tell-tell signs.


  1. Your Battery is Draining a lot faster.

The more apps you install on your device, the more energy it will consume leading to faster exhaustion of the battery. But of late, if you are experiencing a sudden drop in battery performance, it is a matter of concern. We suggest you go through the kind of apps you have on your phone. There must be a particular app that is consuming unusual power. Chances are it can be a virus! Exactly when a phone antivirus can be of great help.


  1. Abnormal data usage


If your phone is eating up a lot of mobile data than usual, it’s time to get the best mobile antivirus in action. When your internet is exhausting in no time, chances are there is a virus depleting your share of data.


  1. Apps crashing for no apparent reason


If an app is getting strangely stuck in the middle, it may be because the app is malware and is interrupting with the device software. It may soon take over your device operation and start crashing down other apps too. Whenever you find such apps on your phone, delete immediately.


Which is the best antivirus for Android?


Fig.2 – Best Antivirus For Android


The best mobile antivirus should have the power to offer top-notch malware detection along with a wide assortment of performance-enhancing features.


With flawless malware protection and a very good reputation among Android users on the Play Store, ITL Phone Cleaner (Antivirus app for Android 2018) is a popular virus removal app. It offers easy to use and full-featured robust security tools to remove virus from phone and protect your data from malware attacks.


ITL Phone Cleaner (Virus Cleaner App for Android) is completely free. According to latest test reports, it was able to score perfect numbers in real-time malware discovery on Android platforms. It detected 100% malware during the test scanning process.

Download best antivirus app for Android!


Highlights of ITL Antivirus for Android Mobile

Incredibly popular among users, ITL Phone Cleaner has an antivirus scanner as part of its module along with a suite of other tools.

The antivirus cleaner checks for viruses, vulnerabilities, hacking tools and more with just a tap. Furthermore, it takes care of security and other performance related anomalies on your Android device.

Here’s a list of features this phone antivirus provides:


  • It scans for malware and blocks all threats infecting your device.
  • It provides scanning and protection in real-time.
  • You can perform malware scan at any time you want.
  • It notifies every time you are about to install a virus infected app.
  • It offers a protective shield on your smartphone by performing a deep scan.
  • No virus infected apps can access your private data anymore.
  • You can whitelist files and application that you find safe and skip the scanning process.


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When should you run a virus scan?

You must by now know the importance of running a virus scan. It keeps your smartphone safe and data secure. But, how often should it be done? Are there any ideally recommended time period?

Turns out! There is.

If you like downloading a lot of apps from different platforms, make it a mandatory routine to scan your smartphone for viruses every day.

Every time you complete a scan, you can either delete the viruses yourself or get your anti-virus cleaning app to do it for you – avoiding complications in the process.


Steps to run a virus scan with ITL Phone Cleaner (Best Antivirus for Android)


Step 1: Download ITL Phone Cleaner from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Install and launch the app on your device.

Step 3: On the home screen, tap on Antivirus and start the scanning process. It will detect viruses and other malware and fix them in real time

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