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SUMMARY (Best Phone Cleaner App 2019)

‘Advanced Phone Cleaner’ is one of the world’s best Android phone cleaner app 2019 that encloses numerous features as Speed Booster, Junk Cleaner, Mobile Antivirus, Battery Booster, etc. It is an extensive app that focuses on enhancing an Android’s performance to a great extent.

This best android phone cleaner app deals with problems like overheating, low speed, occupied storage, virus intrusion, etc, with minimal efforts.

Introduction to Advanced Phone Cleaner

Optimizing your Android’s performance was a hectic task until Advanced Phone Cleaner stepped in the Android market. Its direct approach has helped users take care of their Androids in the easiest way possible. This technological era demands devices to be used for a number of countable things.

It is a universal law that everything degrades with usage. Same is the case with these digital gadgets that we deploy for ourselves. These devices need to be replenished in a digital manner.

There are ample apps available on the Google Play store that can sort this issue. Out of those apps, the one that turned out to be the best cleaning and optimizing app of 2019 is the Advanced Phone Cleaner.

What is Advanced Phone Cleaner?

Advanced Phone Cleaner as says its name, it is all configured with the latest algorithm to take care of your Android devices. New or old, it covers them all. It is a power-pack tool that can exceptionally Boost and Clean your phone in split seconds.  

The app lets you perform so many other functions like CPU Cooler, Know Your Device, Antivirus for Android, Application Manager, etc. with boosting and cleaning. It provides game lovers with an inclusive feature of Game Booster.

This does not end here. The app has been designed in the best of interest of understanding how an Android user can efficiently utilize its smartphone for finest results. Let’s check out the app in detail.

Features of Advanced Phone Cleaner (Android Phone Cleaner App)

The best part of Advanced Phone Cleaner is that it has divided the features into different categories as cleaner, management, booster, security, and tools.

Function Features
A. Cleaner
  1. Junk Cleaner
  2. Social Cleaner
  3. Duplicates Cleaner
B. Management
  1. Application Manager
  2. File Manager
  3. Notification Manager
C. Booster
  1. Battery Booster
  2. Speed Booster
  3. Game Booster
D. Security
  1. Antivirus
  2. Secure Browser
  3. Real-Time Protection
E. Tools
  1. Know Your Device
  2. CPU Cooler

Before hitting the INSTALL button, let’s examine the features in detail.

  • Junk Cleaner: Most important and basic feature of this app is the Junk Cleaner. Uninstalling an app doesn’t really deletes all the associated information. Also, temp, residual and cache files find a home in the storage space of the device, occupying memory. Hence, regular cleaning of junk is necessary. This Junk Cleaner app removes all these unwanted files to free up the storage space. 


  • Social Cleaner: This phone cleaner app provides with an added feature of cleaning the downloaded data from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, and Instagram. This declutters your Android


  • Duplicates Cleaner: Why waste space by storing similar or look-alike photos? Duplicates Cleaner resolves this concern very swiftly. It provides with various filters such as GPS, time and extent of similarity so that you can easily choose photos to be displayed accordingly in groups. You can now pick to delete unwanted photos.


  • Application Manager: Android mobiles are a center of many apps. Managing these apps sometimes can be difficult. Also, apps that are no longer used, take up space. Application Manager is resourceful in such cases as it allows management and deletion of the installed apps in a window. It provides an important ‘backup’ option which can be used later when required.


  • File Manager: It aims at saving time and organizing the overall device. All the files on our Android such as documents, images, videos, etc. are displayed on its home page. You can navigate through these files without having the need to open and then taking action with individual files. You can open, delete and select the desired file.


  • Notification Manager: This feature is intended to manage notifications generated by the apps on your device. It keeps your privacy protected by badging the app instead of unpacking the notification in the header. It gives you the experience of a much-organized header. Also, the notifications are available on tap in a single window.


  • Battery Booster: Specially designed to combat battery troubles. It boosts battery in just a tap by ending battery consuming processes that deplete the energy of a smartphone. Enjoy your battery for a longer duration.


  • Speed Booster: This feature frees up the RAM and lets you operate with high speed. It terminates extra storage consuming processes so that the memory is available for the proper functioning of the device.


  • Game Booster: Forget about glitches and lags while using a game booster. It speeds up the game so that you can enjoy your playing time without any speed break and interruption.


  • Antivirus for Android: It has high-security antivirus protection that protects you from various threats from the virtual world. It acts as an effective antidote to viruses and malware that try to corrupt the files and apps on a device. This Antivirus for Android keeps its database updated so that it stays immune to every new infection in the Android world.


  • Secure Browser: Digital world is full of vulnerabilities. Someone might attack you digitally by tracking your browsing history or cookies. The Secure Browser makes sure that your browsing history and cookies are not tracked. Hence your privacy is intact.


  • Real-Time Protection: It triggers the instant protection of a newly installed app from every foreign infection in real-time by prompting the user of the breach.


  • Device Information: This feature is a compact composition of all the information related to your device as the status of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Model number, Android version, etc. It has been designed to enhance the user’s convenience.


  • CPU Cooler: It examines and controls CPU temperature to carry out proper functioning of CPU. Overheating during phone utilization might hamper the internal configuration of a device. Therefore it is vital to maintain appropriate levels of temperature. CPU Cooler cools down the temperature to a normal value.


Advanced Phone Cleaner (Strengths & Weakness)


Strengths Weaknesses
Easy to use Requires internet for many operations.
Small in size Does not hibernate battery-draining processes for long.
One tap solution The Game Booster module requires to manually add up the games. It is done so as to prevent battery drainage which can occur while in automatic addition.
Simple installation
Adaptable to different Android versions
Abundant features
Free Antivirus
Manages the phone effortlessly

How will it affect my Android smartphone?

It is an app that is qualified to make your Android look overall managed, guarded, and agile. Moreover, all of it is done with the blink of an eye! You get a device which is junk free, clutter free and organized. It’s an algorithm and comprehensive design is targeted to save considerable time and efforts of a user. It is a cleaner that offers diverse features so that you can optimize your Android device to its fullest.


Earnest analysis of the Advanced Phone Cleaner has made it possible to draw the conclusion.

Also, it is recommended to check the junk files that are to be deleted as sometimes there might be a file that could be used by you.

Though there are certain drawbacks that might be recovered in the updated versions, overall we can figure out that the app is

  • User-Friendly
  • Compatible with a huge string of Android versions
  • Does not takes any decision on its own
  • Respects privacy
  • And many more

We approve this app as a strict competitor in the world of Android cleaning apps. Download the app now to enjoy and discover more benefits.

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