Secure Your Teen With Best Parental Control App 2019 | Child GPS Tracker

Have you been lately wondering if it is the perfect time to invest in a good parental control app for the sake of your child’s digital safety?

The answer is yes, indeed!

And if the thought of getting a parental control software has crossed your mind, it means you are ready to add additional layers of security to secure your teen in both the physical and virtual spectrum.

Still, need some more convincing?

Read on to find out why we are trying real hard to get you a parental control app.

What is parental control software?



Parental Controls are special software designed for parents to control how kids use their devices.

Kids spend most of their time using tablets and smartphones today. They prefer playing online video games instead of playing outdoors.

They keep busy with their social media accounts or chatting with friends online.

The Play Store is filled with thousands of parental control apps that come with their own sets of functions and varied prices.

These tools are your extra pair of eyes to get your peace of mind. They help you manage your kid’s digital activities. They offer features like screen time control, child GPS tracker, app blocker, etc.

Today, a lot of leading mobile companies have built-in parental controls, but sadly their scope is quite limited.

Getting your hands on an all-around kid protection software to secure kids can be a good investment.


Here are 10 reasons why parental control apps are helpful. Care a give a read?

Why you need a parental control app? Top 10 Reasons


  1. Stay informed about your kid’s current location.

Most parental control offers the advantage of GPS tracking. Parents can get the exact location of their kid’s phone whenever they want. They can use geofencing to define safe places and when kids step out of their safe zone, parents are notified immediately.


  1. Is your kid addicted to the internet?

Internet addiction is a real problem in kids. They spend hours browsing without feeling guilty about the time they waste online.

You want them to spend their time playing outdoors, doing homework or having good family time.

A good parental control app is your solution to this parenting issue. It lets you apply screen time control and schedule device usage and also filter sites that you do not want them to access.


  1. You cannot be everywhere.

Your eyeballs cannot be on your kids all the time. You cannot be there always to witness what your kids are engaging with.

But with the best parental control app you can remotely enable or disable applications according to your parenting preference.


  1. Arrange more family time

Do not let technology interfere with family time.

Lock your kid’s phone when you want to have a serious discussion over dinner or when you are on a vacation with them.


  1. To offer kids a safe online experience

Discussions on safe browsing with your kids are not enough.

If you really want to provide a safe online experience, you have to be present everywhere.

Stats reveal that 70% of kids aged between 7 and 16 years of age run accidentally into online pornography often while looking up for their homework online.

The best parental control software offers web filters to block uncensored websites from appearing while browsing.


  1. Cyberbullying is a big disadvantage.

Another disadvantage of using the internet is Cyberbullying. There are people on the internet that constantly add unwanted comments that can negatively harm your kid’s mental and physical health.

Use a parental control software to block such chat sites or social media apps where those people target your kids.


  1. Excessive gaming is dangerous too.

Don’t let your kids get addicted to gaming.

Games are addictive and its obsession only increases with time.

So of late, if your kids have been more than involved with the virtual world, it is high time that you set your foot down.

Schedule play sessions or set game time limits to discipline your kid.


  1. Track call and SMS records

View all incoming and outgoing calls and text messages on your kid’s phone. Know who they are constantly in touch with and block numbers you do not want them to contact.


  1. To make kids understand the value of time.

Time management is very important. There must be hundreds of instances where you had to take away your kids’ gadgets to teach the value of time.


Download the best parental control app for your kid’s device and schedule for how long your kids can use their smartphones.


  1. Reach your kid in an emergency

Most parental control tools notify parents when their kids are stuck in emergencies. They sent the current location so that they know exactly where to find and rescue them in time.

Interested in downloading a parental control software?  Read to know more.


Which is the best parental control app?


The one-line answer is Bit Guardian Parental Control.

Following are the reasons that make Bit Guardian Parental Control the best parental-control app on the internet.

Installation: The installation and setup process did not take much time. The instructions are pretty clear and simple.


App Management: As kids spend most of their time using different apps on their smartphones rather than browsing for information online, this parental control app lets you block or limit app usage seamlessly.


Call and SMS viewing: Bit Guardian Parental Control lets you review the content of your child’s texts and find out who they are in contact with. You can even block contacts altogether.


Location tracking: The child location tracker on this parental control app is *hands down* its most useful and popular feature. You can keep a track of where your child is and most importantly, get their location update in an emergency.


Price: Most of the features on the app are available for free. But there are also a few premium features that you can enjoy in addition to the premium features by subscribing to pro.  



What are the features of Bit Guardian Parental Control?


features_of_parental control


Bit Guardian Parental Control gives you complete control of your kid’s device.  The app lets you set bedtime, limit phone usage, block and control apps, view incoming and outgoing call and text messages and more.


Secure teen with Bit Guardian Parental Control: Features


  • App Block: Remotely access your kids’ phone to find out which apps they are using. Block inappropriate apps or the apps they are addicted to.


  • App Install Block: Enabling this feature blocks the entire Google Play Store. This way your kid cannot download new apps anymore.


  • Kiosk Mode: Activate Kiosk Mode to remotely control your kid’s device. Customize home screens according to your preferences, allow your kids to use limited apps on their devices and block everything else.


  • Time Schedule: Make your kids understand the value of time. Schedule screen time on different app categories like media, education, games, social and more.)


  • Panic and SOS: There is an SOS button on the child mode. You need to ask your kid to tap on it in an emergency.


  • And when your child does that, the app will send panic alert to parent device with the current location.


  • Geofence & Speed tracker: Set virtual geographic boundaries for your kids on the map so you know when they leave or enter their Geofence.


You can also set a maximum speed limit.


Get instant notification when your kid travels beyond maximum speed.


  • Call & SMS: Find who your kids are contacting through call and SMS. Read text messages remotely from your phone, view their call log and even block specific contacts.


  • Anti-Theft: Find your kid’s lost phone. Ring it remotely from your device even if it is in silent mode or restore default settings by performing a factory reset.


All-in-all, Bit Guardian Parental Control is an efficient, and excellent app for parents to know that their kids are always safe.

Download Best Parental Control App


Top 10 Parental Control Apps For Your Android Phone 



  • Bit Guardian Parental Control – Secure & Safe Kids:




With Bit Guardian Parental app, you can easily control your child’s activity and configure their phone to limit access to inappropriate content, blocks ads, limit usage and many more.

Visit to know more about install Google Camera without Root.

This is a feature-rich software that is easy to install and interactive to use. Here are the main features:

  • Block Apps: The application helps restrict exposure to explicit content by blocking unwanted apps or the once used most like Entertainment apps, etc.
  • Child GPS Tracker: It helps the parent in tracking the location of their child. Additionally, the GPS feature allows the child to send a ‘pick up’ alert to the parent with location details.
  • View call log: Keep a check on who your kid talks to by monitoring the call logs details. This helps  you access the incoming and outgoings call to ensure your child’s security.
  • View messages: View the SMS messages sent and received on your child’s device for suspicious or bad content.
  • Block App installation: By blocking the Google Play Store, parents can restrict their kid to install any applications on the smartphone helps avoid unwanted content.
  • Kiosk mode: To take complete control over a child’s smartphone, the guardian can use the Kiosk mode. It allows the parent to block apps, customize home screen etc. and is popular with younger kids.
  • Geofence: This feature helps you to set a virtual boundary to match the physical boundary of your child and receive alerts if they cross the border.
  • Speed Limiter: Receive alerts if your kid is speeding and take necessary steps.
  • Detailed Reports: The app allows you to activate many features and receive a detailed report like a call log, screen timing etc.
  • Panic mode: When in trouble this feature allows a child to send a distress signal to a predefined contact, generally parents device. Setting more than one emergency contact is possible.
  • Schedule: Restrict the usage of the phone to a specific time of the day thus enforcing study time, play time, family time, etc.
    It enables you to fix a bedtime schedule to ensure the mobile phone is not usable during that time. Similarly, the game-time can be set to ensure the kid can play mobile games only during the set hours.
  • Anti-theft: Quickly track a lost phone in case of theft or loss of a mobile device. The feature also includes the capability of the parent to ring the child device.
  • Restrict access level: By restricting the access level, one can prevent a child from performing a factory reset on their phone to remove the guardian app controlling the mobile device.
  • Handle child phone requests: The kid is capable of requesting a change of schedule or unblocking of apps from their device itself.
  • Easy setup: It is easy to set up and involves installing the app on the parent and child devices and linking them as well.
  • Data protection: All the data generated by it is secured using encryption. Additionally, the kid does not have permission to uninstall any app either.

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  • MMGuardian Parental Control App for Kids Phone

This one offers several free and premium features to monitor your child and keep them safe. Some of the main features include setting a time limit for using the device and screen control. It also provides a detailed usage report.

Ability to locate a phone and lock or unlock the device remotely is also a key feature.


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  • OurPact – Parental Control & GPS Family Locator

OurPact is a good solution for all parents to monitor their children. It allows the parent to set the daily screen times, locate their device, and even receive alerts for every new application installed.

It restricts the child from unlimited access to the browser by blocking several websites. It also keeps a check on their location using the kid tracker.


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  • Funamo Parental Control

Funamo parental control offers a cloud-based solution to protect the child’s mobile device. It provides real-time service where all the reports and history logs remain stored online.
Besides being able to monitor the device, it features application control and Internet filtering as well.


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  • FamilyTime

FamilyTime allows the parent to monitor the child device using a smartphone or by using a desktop terminal. It helps keep your child secure by implementing SafeSearch for searches on Google, Bing, and YouTube.

It can restrict the type of content viewed by the child which also extends to any new categories added in the store.

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  • Control Child Parental Control

Child Control is another parental control app which allows you to keep your child safe while using a mobile device and offers a 30 days trial feature. Once installed on your child’s device the appropriate settings done by the parent remotely keep the child safe.

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  • Kids Place

Kids Place ensures the safety of your kids by monitoring the activity of your child on their device. The app can block incoming calls and disable wireless signals to secure your child.

It also allows you to set up custom alerts and review the SMS messages.


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  • Kaspersky Safekids

Kaspersky safe kids parental control app allows the parent to monitor up to five other devices and track activity. The app will enable you to monitor the calls and review the messages. Besides which it can also keep tabs on the photos, videos, contacts, and events.


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  • Norton family Parental Control App

Norton Family Parental Control is an innovative parental control app specially designed for Android that provides a sandbox environment to keep the kids safe. It is efficient in blocking games as well as other unwanted content. There are many tools to keep the child safe and view usage history.


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  • FamiSafe Kid Control App

Recently released Famisafe, is a powerful app to keep your kids safe. Some of the main features of this app include real-time GPS locator along with the ability to set up a custom geofence. It allows you to block applications and even offers a 3-day trial period.


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