Features to Keep in Mind while choosing Smart TVs?

Televisions have evolved in the recent past and have transforming into a one-stop portal for competitive gaming, watching entertainment on your terms, and being an extension of your computer. With a Smart TV doing all of this and more with the help of Siri, Alexa, and Google Home, it’s time to ensure you get your next TV with all the smart features crucial for you in the future!

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Here are the important features you need to focus on when choosing a branded Smart TV.

  1. Screen resolution

On a TV screen, resolution refers to the sharpness of the picture. This sharpness is increased or decreased by the number of horizontal lines or pixels. Television screen technology is now moving from HD to Ultra HD, which is also known as 4K.

These 4K screens have four times the pixels as regular HD televisions. This allows you to see the smaller objects on the screen with more clarity. Even the subtitle text will be clearer compared to the standard HD format. 4K content is also becoming more popular with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, who create content in this format for a better viewing experience. So, it is preferable that your new Smart TV has a 4K screen irrespective of the size of the screen you choose. Popular brands such as Samsung Smart TV and Sony Smart TV offer these options.

  1. Refresh rate

This refers to the number of times that the picture is refreshed or changed in a second. The standard refresh rate, 60 frames per second, is expressed in Hertz or Hz. A faster refresh rate allows you to see rapidly moving objects with more clarity. In a TV with a slow refresh rate, these scenes appear blurry.

This helps especially when you are watching a sport or an action movie. Newer models come with High-Frame Rate support, which means that apart from a refresh rate of more than 60Hz, the software also controls the picture quality for a great viewing experience. Ideally, look for a TV with a refresh rate of 120Hz and do not consider options such as ‘effective refresh rate’ to mean higher refresh rate. ‘Effective refresh rate’ implies that the refresh rate may be half of what is being quoted.

  1. Connectivity

Since the possibility of you needing extra connectivity options on Smart TVs is high, pay attention to the number of ports your next Smart TV offers. Here is what you need.

  1. HDMI ports are the first priority and you need to pick a top Smart TV with at least four HDMI ports as these are used for video, audio, computer, and gaming usage. In addition, ensure the TV supports HDMI 2.0 to enable Ultra HD sources to be connected as well.
  2. UBS ports have multiple users on today’s Smart TVs. They can connect your flash drive or streaming device to your TV. Having two USB ports is ideal.
  3. Component Ports are used for DVRs, media players, and last generation gaming consoles. So, your TV should have two sets of component ports to be safe.
  4. S-Video ports are used to connect your computer to the TV. So, ensure your TV has at least one.
  5. Optical ports connect soundbars and A/V receivers to the TV.
  6. Antenna Port, as the name suggests, is used to connect the TV antenna and although is available on all TVs, it is increasingly losing its value as most homes have a set-top box and the HD output uses the HDMI port to connect.
  7. Another key features when it comes to Android Emulator related to smart devices. A free Android emulator ldplayer is a capable of running Android games and applications virtually on PC without any hindrance.

Finally, you need to ensure that the ports are easily accessible on your Smart TV especially if you plan on installing the TV on the wall. When shopping, see that the ports are easily accessible and preferably located on the side of the TV.

  1. Wi-Fi connectivity

Ensure that your next TV is Wi-Fi enabled as it will help to reduce the number of wires and enable smoother connectivity with online streaming and gaming.

  1. Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio is a measure of the brightness that a television can display. With better contrast ratios, the set can display the subtle shadows and hues that may be missed otherwise. This can significantly enhance your viewing experience. While at the store, play a movie with dark scenes and then compare the picture between your shortlisted Smart TVs to make an informed decision.

The features listed above are essential in a Smart TV, and while every brand advertises its unique features to stand out in the crowded market, now you can pick the ones that are most important to you. For instance, Samsung harps on the fact that their Smart TVs are easy to connect to via the Samsung SmartThings App, which can connect the Samsung Smart TV to your phone without having to download the apps on the TV.

LG highlights how LG Smart TV is easily accessible by just talking into the remote. Sony highlights the traits of its OLED screen that offers unprecedented blacks and contrasts on the Sony Smart TV. You can pick a TV based on the important factors listed above and check the additional features that you are most likely to use or care about.

You will find that all brands including the Haier Smart TV and the Lloyd Smart TV offer unique features which promise to make either your visual experience more dramatic or promise better functions.

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