Free tarot Card Reading App

Free Tarot Card Reading App for Android and iOS

Tarot Card Reading is an application that will provide you an intriguing and interesting insight into your future with the help of free tarot predictions and numerology reading.

It is a free tarot card reading app comprising a number of features and services guiding you towards a better and more promising future.

Tarot has become one of the most powerful mediums of fortune telling nowadays. Tarot reading does not predict the future per se, but it is an effective guide for the different aspects of life revealing you about the problems and challenges that you might encounter and helping you find ways to get past them. Tarot predictions can throw light on your love life, career, money, health, and much more empowering you to take better decisions. Moreover, Numerology can help you know about the different numbers that can play a significant part in defining your future.





Tarot Card Reading app free brings the complete world of Tarot and Numerology in one. It gives accurate and detailed insights on your future in just a few clicks and is gradually becoming one of the most popular and reliable free tarot card reading app across the globe.

Let us take a look at some of its most interesting features which have made this application one of the most sought after tarot card reading applications among people.

Free Tarot Card Reading App 

The most prominent aspect of this application is the free tarot predictions. In Tarot Card Reading, predictions for different aspects of life are made by tarot experts and you can get answers to your questions in just a click. Some of its features include :

  • Love Tarot Reading – You can get an in-depth insight into your love matters with a 3-Card Spread Love Tarot Reading.
  • True Love Spread– Each and every detail of your love life can be accurately pictured through a True Love Spread.
  • Career Insights – A 3-Card Spread Career Tarot Reading will give you guidance on the different facets of your career helping you get success in all your endeavors.
  • Career Path Spread – Make your career more fulfilling and rewarding with a detailed Career Path Spread and know about the challenges and roadblocks that you might face in your professional journey.
  • Finance Tarot Reading – Know about the financial ups and downs you might face in the days to come and get appropriate solutions for the same through a 3-Card Finance Tarot Reading.
  • Success Spread – You can find out about the financial concerns that are bothering you, work on them and pave way for a successful future.
  • Daily Tarot/Card of the Day– Tarot predictions can reveal about the possibilities and opportunities that lie in the day ahead with a Single Card Tarot Reading preparing you for the day ahead.
  • Yes/No Tarot Reading– Sometimes there are certain questions which need an outright answer in a simple Yes or No. Yes/No Tarot Reading makes it easy for you to find answers to such questions.
  • Apart from tarot predictions, Tarot Card Reading also helps you know more about the 22 Major Arcana Cards and understand them in detail. Moreover, you can also see all your saved or viewed reports at just one place.

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Numerology Numbers

Numerology is another important feature of this application. You can get to know about your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, and Maturity Number by simply entering your full birth name and birth details. It helps you in dealing with several facets of your personality and life by drawing your attention towards the various hidden aspects. Some of its features comprise of:

  • Life Path Number – You get an insight into the major hurdles and opportunities coming into your life. It provides you with an indication of what all stages you are likely to pass on in the path of your complete life.
  • Destiny Number– You come to know about the areas where your destiny will be at play through this number. It highlights life’s stages where you will succeed or fail and is a clear indication of your destiny and life’s journey.
  • Maturity Number – It represents the nature of your true self. It will offer you an in-depth understanding of your desires, possibilities, inner potential, and advanced journey. The influence of Maturity number accelerates with time.
  • Personality Number – Know about your personality, the attitude and approach towards life with your personality number. It details the positive and negative aspects of your personality helping you to understand yourself in a better way.

Tarot Card Reading provides you with your Life Path Number, Destiny Number and Maturity Number and also their detailed analysis at the touch of a button.

Tarot Card Reading App offers you the benefit of virtual tarot reading and numerology with no obligation of being there at a particular place.

The application gives effective solutions for your problems and answers to your curiosities with its accurate and detailed predictions. Click here to Download the FREE application for tarot card reading and numerology for both Android and iOS.





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