How can (AI) Take Automation Process to the Next Level?

Presently, we are part of a very important revolution in society. Convergence of human behavior with digital transformation is redefining our lives and workflows. Organizations are turning their heads to the software automation industry in an effort to plan their business strategy and meet business demands.
With automation renaissance actively flourishing due to digitization, the present time should be just perfect to invest in the next phase of automation maturity.

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been a hit in the commercial sector since day one. It has been at the receiving end of government-funded agencies and big firms. Today, small firms are also witnesses assimilating AI-based solutions to their work culture. It won’t be misleading to state that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and automation is about to reach a new height.

Inspired much? Then you have to take a look at the following theories on how AI is expected to boom automation in the next few years.

5 Ways how AI Will Unlock Automation’s Full Potential


  1. AI and the Rise of Robotic Process Automation


AI is in the air we breathe today. Companies are using it to boost productivity, automate processes and cut expenses. Fades in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Its collaboration with AI is believed to revolutionize the scope of digital marketing – something which is on the global platter right now.


AI and RPA are poles apart. RPA uses some repetitive processes to replicate human actions while operating computers. In simple words, RPA is trained to perform rule-based processes accurately. A reason why it can replace people by performing error-free high-volume processes in the future. The only downside is RPA lacks self-learning capabilities.


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AI, on the other hand, takes unstructured and semi-structured data like invoices and emails and converts them into structured data. It can make complex decisions that the human brain cannot.

So when the two is complimented with each other, they have the potential to create countless new possibilities in digital marketing.


  1. Handing Chat bots the power to deal with customers


Chat bots are a huge success at the moment. Most companies use them as widgets on their websites to improve their customer support and the response process. There is this survey doing the rounds that by 2020 almost 85% of customer interactions will have no human intervention. This way customer won’t need to wait for weekdays to get their issue solved.


Chatbots rely on RPA to collect data and provide human-like responses. But because of its limitations, RPA can only handle questions that are closed-ended are require Artificial Intelligence to create a friendly customer experience.


  1. The emergence of email marketing like never before


Though many businesses are skeptic about the effectiveness of email marketing, this strategy is still on the rise and producing profits. Personalization is important, and email marketing can use a bit of facelifting in this regard. Businesses are using AIs to establish better and more meaningful relationships with their customers by understanding engagement history and previous behavior.


Today it is possible to predict the best days of the week to send emails by closely analyzing customer behavior. AI can even come up with personal messaging services to help increase conversion rates.


  1. Fraud detection in businesses


Getting straight to the point, this one can affect small-scale businesses at large. Fraudulent transactions if happens to small businesses can take up a lot of work, resources, and money to make things right. AI can be employed to review the possible chances of fraudulent transactions with the help of its machine learning algorithms.


Furthermore, it can also come up with rule-based logic and use it to stop transactions that may be fraudulent. With appropriate data fed in, the system can detect a fraud-related pattern without human interference and customize algorithms accordingly.


  1. Lead generation for more traffic


Generating traffic has never been an easy task for marketers. Survey says it is still a challenge for 63% of businesses. When lead generation is not proper, it can cause a catastrophic effect on a company’s bottom line. Using disruptive technologies to can drive tons of qualified traffic and save the day.


AI-powered marketing platform can be used to analyze customer behavior and bring instant attention to everything that is essential.


AI alone has a bright future in automation. What horizon it opens up in digital marketing and sales, only time will tell. But we are excited!

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