How To Keep The Maintenance of the The Air Rifle

Keeping an air rifle in top hunting shape is not difficult, but there are some maintenance items necessary to keep them running smoothly. These are some of the basics of air gun maintenance.


The Bore:


Just like firearms, the barrel of an air rifle gets dirty. It doesn’t get the assault that firearm barrels do, but they get dirty with lead residue and trace amounts of oil blown into the barrel from the compression chamber. And even though an air rifle barrel may look clean doesn’t mean that trace amounts of these materials are not in the barrel. And they will significantly affect the accuracy of the gun. Don’t make the mistake of using anything that you use on firearms to clean your air rifle barrel bore.


There are special oils, cleaning rods and patches made especially for air rifles. Use the oil to clean out the barrel followed by dry patches until the barrel is completely clean. For storage finish by leaving a light coating of oil in the barrel


Cocking Hinges:


These pivoting joints get endless use and keeping them properly lubricated is essential to smooth, effective operation. Different guns require different kinds of lubrication. Check your rifle’s owner’s manual to find out how to lubricate yours. This applies as well to barrel hinges on guns that require break barrel cocking.




With so many break barrel spring powered air guns as popular as they are today, understanding the mainspring role and maintenance is important in keeping your high-velocity air rifle in top working shape. The mainspring is what supplies the energy for firing the pellet at the velocities the gun is capable of. It is critical that the spring, when unleashed, expands without binding or sticking and with as little friction against the mainspring housing as possible. Generally speaking, lubrication of the mainspring is not a user recommended maintenance item with any gun. It is, however, a recommended maintenance item that is recommended once or more per year by an authorized service center. Check the owners manual for the proper mainspring service frequency.


Exterior surfaces


For exterior surfaces, wiping with chamois along with a good quality polarizing oil will keep a finish in top condition. An alternative is wiping the gun down with a silicone cloth. Some high-end air guns with stocks made from special woods may require extra care to maintain their elegance and beauty.

These steps, while not complicated or difficult, will keep your air rifle in the best possible operating condition and will keep them looking their best.


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