How Can Machine Learning Help in Achieving Great Marketing Tactics?

With innovation in technologies, machine learning is now becoming one of the best methods to accomplish exceptional marketing strategies.

Through proven results, it is seen that machine learning has the potential to transform the marketing process completely. With machine learning, you can achieve similar or higher results as you can achieve by television or internet marketing.

Many modern and progressive enterprises are making use of numerous machine learning tools to enhance their marketing techniques.


Now, What is Machine Learning?


Fig.1 – What Is Machine Learning


Machine learning is a technology which employs various computational methods and algorithms to acquire or learn information directly from the data. It doesn’t rely on a fixed or defined equation as its model.

Also, as the quantity of data increases, the algorithms becomes more advanced and provide more accurate results.

How Machine Learning Works?

Machine learning uses algorithms to analyze different patterns in data to generate insights and help businesses provide better choices and make more appropriate decisions.

Machine learning algorithms are used regularly in various fields such as stock trading, Computational Biology, manufacturing and many more.

For example, most of the media websites depend on machine learning to go through and analyze millions of options and give you the best songs or movies recommendations.

Another example could be the usage of machine learning by online retailers to examine their customers’ purchasing behavior.


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Benefits of Machine Learning


Fig. 2 – Benefits of Machine Learning

Many App marketers and developers are using machine learning techniques, abandoning traditional marketing strategies and changing the way we think about marketing.

According to the The Boston Consulting Group, 85% of the company executives believe that with machine learning, their companies can achieve a competitive advantage.

Machine learning helps to-

  • Streamline data
  • Unlock user insights
  • Engage users in highly relevant ways

How Can Machine Learning Simplify Large Volumes of Data?

In traditional marketing models, marketers have to study large volumes of data to find their most profitable users, from where are they coming and how to retain them.

All this vast data makes it difficult for marketers to know exactly how to get the best return on their investment.

According to a research, one-third of the time spent in most organizations involves collecting and processing data.

This means that, it would involve a lot of resources in digging through data which would give them very less time for high-level tasks such as enhancing their marketing strategy or improving their product experience.

On the other hand, machine learning analyzes large amounts of data in real time and provide smart, optimized decisions which can help in improving business performance and focus on more strategic tasks.

Machine learning also simplifies the marketing process. You just need to determine the business objectives you want to accomplish and define your target audience.

For example, shoppers who are likely to spend more than $100 per month using your app, etc. Your system will then figure out where and how to achieve the relevant targets.

Finding the Right Customers

As a marketer, one of your biggest challenges you face is to determine the right customers. For example, who care about your product/service, who are going to drive profitability.

With machine learning, it is easier to find and engage the customers that are most valuable to your company. This is because it by allows you to find the customers in places you may not find otherwise.

It first analyzes the people you know i.e., your most valuable or profitable users. It then looks for other similar profiles.

For example, let’s say you are an owner of an e-commerce application. Now, the system may look for people who have made purchases in other e-commerce apps, or who are browsing the web for shopping deals.

Offering Personalized Experiences

Machine learning technology not just finds the most profitable users, but it also finds out the most effective ways to engage them.

To achieve this, it sends the right message, in the right manner, to the right user, at the right time. This way, it provides personalized experiences to the consumers.

What Role Do Resources Play?

Although machine learning has made the marketing process more efficient and simpler, people still play an important role in driving the accurate results.

Until you feed the right information to the system, you won’t achieve the desired results.

It’s important for marketers to access the right data, identify the most beneficial business objectives and continuously optimize the customer experience.

Machine learning has certainly changed the methods of marketing.

Marketers who invest in machine learning technology are definitely achieving great results in the new era of marketing.

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