Search Engine Optimization Boosts Rankings And Sales

These days almost everyone has an online presence. Most of us have blogs and also a website or two. These blogs and websites have some type of content. It is text, images, and videos on our page that define what we are doing and what is the purpose of our web presence.

Since there are millions of sites and gazillion of pages we need to know exactly how we can be found online by those who are looking for us. Most of us are promoting some product or service. If we are selling online, we want to promote a specific page or pages for a specific amount of time. These activities that we conduct online to promote our pages are part of the optimization process.

Without proper optimization, no one can find us on Google, Yahoo or Bing. SEO is a field that started 2 decades back. Those who have been associated with it since then know more than others. You have to experience Google first hand to know what the King is like and what he wants.

There are many aspects linked with doing successful SEO. Here we will discuss only some significant ones. The first thing you need to know is the appropriate keywords for your website. Use a keyword search tool and look at the competition level. The keywords you find in the middle order are the ones just right for you.

Next, add your location to the keywords so you can be found easily by those living near your neighborhood. Small businesses and shops can benefit a lot from local SEO. It is an easy way of getting found online. Add your business to Google My Business and Google Maps. You can display the map on the contact us page of the website. This will allow your customers to find their way to the store easily.

After the keywords are in place, take a look at the images and redo them if they are not optimized. Use the alt tags and include the keywords in the same. Check your content for H1 and H2 headers and include a keyword in there as well. Then count your words on the home page and make sure you have proper keyword density. Use a keyword once for every 100 words. On the homepage, you can use as many as three keywords within the text to get good results. Using hyperlinks on keywords to inner pages is always helpful.

Your home page is your landing page and the more useful content you have on there the better it is for you. Add videos at the base of the page and use good product images to attract and retain attention Sliders are always helpful and look great.

The next thing you need to check is navigation. You want to make sure your visitor finds his way back to the home page easily and can navigate the entire site without any level of complexity. Using a sitemap is always helpful. There are tools you can find online to generate an XML site map. It auto-updates itself every time you add a page. Go back to the sitemap to see how it is working.

Add a contact us form and ‘subscribe to newsletter’ text box on the home page. The developer can go ahead and code it into the template if you want it to appear on all the pages. This way, you can send out a newsletter to all those who are interested in your new offers. In the newsletter, discuss the latest developments taking place in your company to bring the prospects closer to your brand. Many brands are making it big on social media so include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest buttons. The more traffic that will move between your social media pages and your website the better it is for the rankings.

Keep yourself active on social media and post at least twice a day. Post links with keywords that you wish to promote. The more clicks you get on those links the better results you will see. If all this seems very complicated to you, it is best to get an SEO agency to do the search engine optimization for you.

SEO requires a lot of processes and an expert company has the trained staff to get the job done right. They have better know-how about the latest traffic trends and Google algorithms. Hiring a search engine optimization company will have very beneficial results. You will begin to make a profit within a few weeks.

If you want to make quick sales, do ask them to make a Google and a Facebook ad campaign for you. Before you sign a contract, check the company portfolio and make sure they are well experienced. It will require a few meetings to get familiar with your business goals and expectations.

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