Significant Features Need to Consider While Choosing a Web Host

Significant Features Need to Consider While Choosing a Web Host

Hosting a website online is one of the most important steps for your business if you want to grow your business at an international level. Transforming the business to the Internet means that you want to grab the customers from all over the globe, but you have to make many important decisions while you are doing this. You have to choose the best web hosting company probably the company that is among the reliable web hosts presented by BigOfficer.

Consequently, you have to take care of some significant features that are required for any kind of website. Most of the customers are not aware of those features, and they cannot choose a good web hosting company for them. Some important factors to be determined before selecting a web host are explained below.

Reliable Servers for Hosting

The websites are being hosted on some servers and data is also stored on the servers. You have to ensure that the servers of hosting companies are reliable and the company has its own data centre. The server uptime is crucial for the performance and growth of the website.

The best hosting companies offer the uptime of 99.9% that is the best and reliable uptime for any kind of website. You need to ensure that the hosting company guarantees you the uptime more 99.5%. If the company is serving you with SSD storage servers, then it will also increase the load time and performance speed of the website.

24/7 Live Customer Support

Customer support is the most critical factor for customers when they are hosting their site. Whenever the customer faces any kind of issue regarding web hosting or web maintenance, he needs to call the technical team of the company that can help him to resolve the issue. The technical experts can give them a piece of good advice or resolve the issue of the customer.

If the customer support is not good enough, then you will have to go through the difficulties you face in the hosting of the website. You must have to test the customer support services of the hosting companies. Best hosting companies give many options for customer support, i.e. email, live chat, contact no. etc.

Regular Backups of the Website

The best hosting companies maintain the daily backups of the websites that are being hosted on their servers. Backups are also considered as the way of protection and security of the site. In any kind of data loss, you need the backup of all the data that is being lost to recover the website. That is why you have to choose a hosting company that maintains the regular backups of the site and can help you when you need it.

If the company is not storing the backup of your website, then you will face difficulties in recovering the website in case of any data loss. When you get back up from the hosting company, you will regain the site easily without wasting your time.

5 Most Economical Web Hosting Services to Consider in 2019 (Below $5/month)

Due to the increase in the number of customers of web hosting, the competition among the web hosting companies has been increased proportionally. Ihostingreviews enlists the top web hosting companies especially those are providing the drag/drop web builders and easy to use tools that is why people are moving towards online businesses.

Consequently, the web hosting companies are offering more features with cheap rates to win the competition in the market. The competitive web hosting companies of 2019 are described below with functions provided by them.

InMotion Hosting

The InMotion Hosting company is a popular and cheap web hosting company that is offering extra-ordinary hosting services and hosting rates start from 3.99$ per month. The web hosting company serves with everything that is required to create a perfect website.

It gives more than 200 premium templates, drag & drops web builder, SSL certificate, domain name and website migration free of cost with the hosting plan. The InMotion hosting serves the customers with the 24/7 live customer support and maximum server uptime for better performance of the website.


Hostinger is one of the most famous web hosting companies that is providing all kinds of hosting plans to the customers to satisfy different customers with different requirements. The hosting rates of Hostinger start from 1.45$ per month that is one of the most inexpensive hosting services.

The company offers the easy to use web builder, maximum server uptime, 24/7 customer support, interactive control panel and many other features that are required for better performance of the customer’s website. The hosting company is also providing the 30 days money back guarantee to the customers for their satisfaction.


HostPapa is not a famous web hosting company as other companies are, but it is providing the ultimate features of hosting services at an affordable price. The hosting rates start from 2.95$/month and provide all the features like easy to use web builder, easy to use control panel, 99.9% uptime guarantee and also offers the 30 days money back guarantee to the clients.


GreenGeek is also an under competition web hosting company, but it is offering excellent features to the customers at cheap rates to be on the top among the web hosting companies. The hosting rates of the company start at 2.95$ per month. The GreenGeek provides the hosting services with SSD storage servers to increase the speed and performance of the websites and serves the customers with all practical and useful features to satisfy the needs of the customers.


WebHostFace is the cheapest web hosting company among the list of web hosting companies. However, the rates of this company start from $0.69 per month with all the ultimate features for the hosting of the customers’ websites. The company has different data centres located in different regions of the World to serve the customers from all over the World without compromising the speed and performance of the hosting accounts. You can get all kinds of web hosting services from the company.

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