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We frequently battle back a revile when someone takes our phone for even a moment. Be it for looking at a picture or a feline video. Obviously, in case of a lost phone, our frenzy level develops and winds up one of the greatest and most noticeably bad dream of our lives. The reason behind this freezing isn’t only the expense of the gadget, however, additionally the personal information, contacts, photographs and managing an account subtle elements that is saved money on one’s phone.

This is the fundamental reason we can’t bear to lose our phones in that capacity information in the wrong hands can do serious harm to our social and personal lives. In the event that one has officially lost a smartphone, don’t stress; take a full breath since we have a rundown of apps that can help fill in as free mobile phone trackers. The rundown mentioned in the blog are find my phone apps on Android. The majority of these apps can be introduced even after one loses their gadget while different apps must be on the phone with the end goal to function as a phone locator.


We Should look at the Main Top 10 find my Phone Apps on Android.


  1. Find My Device



This Google local application has all the fundamental functions l Here are its highlights:

  • It finds the missing phone inside a predetermined separation.
  • This application lets the gadget proprietor call it and make it ring, wipe off all the vital information and messages the phone has.
  • It is totally free and there are no in-application buys. In this way, as a phone locater, it meets all the check stamps in our cases.

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  1. Family Locator and Monitor – TrackView



Family Locator and Monitor – TrackView is an absolute necessity have find my phone application for Android clients as it offers the most progressive and top of the line highlights. A portion of the highlights of this application are mentioned beneath:

  • It is a free of cost application and should be downloaded on the Android smartphone in the event that its administrations are to be utilized.
  • It offers clients the highest point of the line reconnaissance framework that uses the forces of cell towers to track and GPS to find the missing gadget’s current position. This location is then sent to the client’s enlisted Gmail account.
  • It has a distributed storage option with which one can back up their information.
  • It likewise utilizes the double camera in the smartphone to remotely record sounds and recordings.

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  1. Where’s my Droid



Where my Droid is one of the most well known and a free mobile phone tracker application that is accessible on Android. With an enormous number of devotees and clients, this application beyond any doubt has figured out how to make a clout for itself as the best find my phone application on Android. Here are a portion of its highlights:

  • The best element of this application is that when one loses their phone, all they have to so is just send a content to it. It will begin ringing regardless of whether it’s on quiet mode, while at the same time, the proprietor gets a content advising the correct GPS directions of the missing phone.
  • Another awe-inspiring component of this phone locator application is that it connects to the authority option (electronic interface) from where the phone proprietor can control the gadget remotely.
  • The expert version of the application has some propelled highlights like: taking photos with the stolen phone’s camera, remote bolting the phone so nobody can get to it and finally, remote wipe to erase all touchy information and information.


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This application has numerous options that will enable a client to find their lost phone in a jiffy. This application, ‘Where’s my Droid’ ought to be introduced on smartphones pronto.

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  1. Lost Android



A find my phone application that finds the missing gadget as well as bothers the culprit. While they merit criminal level equity, irritating the heavenly hellfire out of them, could very well fulfill our requirement for insignificant retaliation for the inconvenience caused to us. Here are a portion of its highlights:

  • Through SMS or the official site, this application gives the proprietor a chance to initiate the ringing of the caution in their cell phone remotely that too with a glimmering screen!
  • One can likewise, look at the most recent call list (particularly valuable when the phone is stolen), turn the GPS and web on or off.
  • It even remotely wipes the SD card clear of any information with the end goal to keep it anchored.
  • It educates the proprietor by means of an email in the imaginable instance of SIM card changes.
  • It even gives the client a chance to take the image of the hoodlum with both the back and front camera, and influences the phone to talk through content to-discourse. Both these highlights should be possible remotely.

This application works even after the phone is lost, because of the way that it is remote introduced, and since its escaped the launcher, it’s difficult to uninstall making it an absolute necessity have application.

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  1. SeekDroid



It application has two version to offer its client. A free version and a star versions which costs $2.99 every month. Here are a portion of its highlights:

  • It has all the consistent highlights like-remote bolting the phone and wiping the information, ring alarm notwithstanding when quiet, activation by means of SMS, empowering GPS and examining the ongoing call history.
  • One additional component is that works notwithstanding when the SIM isn’t inside the phone.
  • The genius version’s element incorporates following the missing phone with a history outline that all of you the spots it has been.
  • It additionally gives you a chance to ensure 2-3 gadgets, and if the phone isn’t in a pre-chosen zone, it advises you.

The master version of this application is particularly valuable to watch out for your child’s location. Along these lines, this is an unquestionable requirement have for guardians.

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6. Cerberus



It is one of the most well known find my phone apps. Here are its highlights:

  • It gives you a chance to bolt and reset your phone, influences the cautions to go insane and even presentation messages for the culprit to see.
  • You can even utilize the front camera to take the image of the criminal.
  • Cerberus can be avoided the application cabinet, so nobody can see it.
  • Also, it gives your remote shell access to the smartphone, and you can even utilize a mic to record sound.
  • This application is paid, you can get a free preliminary, however after that its $5 every year for a solitary gadget and $43 for a bundle of 3-10 gadgets.

With such huge numbers of various highlights, this is unquestionably an incredible application to have on your phone.

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  1. AntiTheft Droid



In the event that you need an application that is easy to use with the fundamental highlights, at that point AntiTheft Droid is for you.

Here are its highlights:

  • You can find the phone through GPS.
  • If there are changes made to the SIM card, you can track it through this application.
  • Also, through the web, you can look at all the photographs taken from the camera.

It’s a simple to utilize application; this is ideal for the more established generation.

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  1. Prey Anti Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security



This application has been on the square for some time and individuals trust it. The sole motivation behind Prey Anti-Theft is to enable you to find your stolen or missing gadget.


Here are its highlights:

  • The fundamental highlights incorporate finding the phone, gadget bolting and influencing the alert to go off.
  • Prey gives you a chance to take pictures with the goal that you may make sense of where your gadget is, and furthermore look at information about where it had been previously.

This application is totally free and simple to utilize, and you should look at it.

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  1. Lookout Security & Antivirus


It has both the free and premium version which is $2.99 every month. Here are its highlights:

  • It encourages you track your phone through Google Maps.
  • Lets you ring the alert boisterously notwithstanding when it’s on quiet mode.
  • You can likewise remote bolt your phone totally.
  • Even after the battery runs out and the phone is turned off, you can get the last location of the phone through Lookout security and antivirus.
  • When you find your phone, it consequently reinforcement and reestablish the gadget’s information.

A progressed application, and in the event that you will pay for the top notch version, it will serve you better.

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  1. Avast Mobile Security



This enemy of infection programming has a shrouded enemy of burglary highlight which is very easy to utilize. Here are its highlights:

  • Through Avast, you can remotely control your stolen phone through SMS sent from another phone or the web.
  • You can even sign into web controls to track the phone or give it any directions.

This is impeccable on the off chance that you don’t need an excessive number of apps to mess your phone as it will shield your phone from infection and help you track it in case of losing it.

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