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Top 5 Google Analytics Reports You Should be Tracking

Google Analytics Reports are just like your school report cards that inform you about your performance. The only difference is that the school reports included your progress in subjects taught or extra-curricular activities. While the Google Analytics Reports tell you about your progress based on your marketing efforts. Here are some of the most important reports you should be tracking.

Source/Medium Report

This is perhaps the most important report that you should track as a marketer or business owner. The Source/Medium report tells you all about your website’s performance broken down by the traffic source. It provides you with an actionable overview.

As an employee working for a telecommunication company, I found this report very useful. Especially when I was working on page traffic for services like HughesNet Business Internet. This report enabled me to see and analyze how it that people are getting to this page is. Hence, allowing me to see how the page is acquiring traffic.

Mobile Performance Report

Nowadays almost everyone accesses the web through mobile phones. Therefore, your webpage must perform very well on mobile devices. It is essential to please mobile users as the number of mobile users now exceeds the number of desktop users.

The fact that Google penalizes the websites that are not mobile-friendly speaks volumes about the importance of mobile-friendliness of a website. Therefore, as a marketer, you should pay attention to how your website performs on mobile devices.

The Mobile Performance Report enables you to see how well your website performs on the mobile device. You can then make the required changes accordingly. The report will aid you in optimizing your site as per the requirements.

Content Efficiency Report

If you are a prominent name, the chances that you are not always updating your content are rare. And for you to be able to keep a track of the content that you upload on your website, you need the content efficiency report.

By viewing this report, you will be able to track the following:

  • Entrances
  • Bounces
  • Pageviews
  • Goal completion

By analyzing the above-mentioned metrics, you will be able to see which content on your website is the most engaging. Apart from that, you will also be able to comprehend the type of content that the visitors prefer the most. For example, images, infographics or gifs.

You can then strategize your content accordingly.

Keyword Analysis Report

It is always a great feeling when you get organic traffic from Google. However, in 2012, Google started encrypting the search data. But there are still ways by which you can gain a lot of insight about the unencrypted keywords as well.

The keyword analysis report lets you analyze some of the most prominent keywords on your site. The report will reveal to you conversion rates, page load time, visitor metrics and goal completions for every keyword that is on your website.

In this way, you can very well judge which keywords are working in your favor. This will further give you an idea about the keywords that you should optimize. As you will get to know about the ones that are contributing to achieving your goals.

New vs. Returning Visitors

You should have a clear idea about who the new and returning visitors are. Because a returning visitor is always better than a new visitor. It shows that the person was impressed by your brand/website to the extent that he decided to revisit.

This also means that the visitor has a high chance of converting into a customer. This customer can later become a loyal customer of your brand as well. However, this does not imply that you should not consider the new customers as an integral part.

The new visitors are people who will help you to grow your business as well. Both the new as well as returning visitors are important. More emphasis is paid to the returning visitors as they are the ones who will stick around with you or your brand for a long period. They also help ensure a low bounce rate on your website.

Above are some of the most important reports that you should view. However, you should also include a contact number on your website so that the customers are comfortable sharing their feedback with you directly. Working on HughesNet’s project I always ensured that HughesNet number was present on all the webpages that I was working on. It helped a great deal in the long run.

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