A Detailed and Updated Guide on is Safe to Use?

You might not know but is considered as a virus.


Yes!! You read it correct.


It is listed under pop up ads which keeps on coming on your web browser.


Do you know how install in your system?

Well this guide will give you all the information on how it gets in your computer and how to remove it. pop-up ads virus is basically spread via malicious browser extensions which the user install from a non-trusted third party website.


This is categorized as an adware.


These pop up ads are bundled in those free software which you download from a third party website and this process is known as bundling. is a Potentially Unwanted Program or say a PUP, which has the basic ability to redirect the user from the webpage to some other webpage by showing many pop up ads on the browser.


The main targeted browsers of Ytmp3 are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


Now you must be thinking that what is the use of these pop up ads and why the cyber criminals are doing this?


Well, pop up ads is used to generate revenue.


Yes, pop up ads redirect the users to a targeted website and with the help of this redirection many individuals and companies make revenue without the user’s knowledge.


The best part (Worst for users) of these pop up ads is that they are never deleted on their own and the user keeps on receiving them until and unless removed either by a software or manually.


Issues Caused by Virus

Once your computer is infected by virus it brings up many issues which can hamper the functioning of your computer in many ways.


The infection can add many unwanted files and folders in your PC and can change the registry keys on the system.


The frequency of annoying ads or say the pop up ads will keep on increasing day after day.


Whenever you will open your web browser and try to visit any page be it facebook or any other website like needynews, that page will be flooded with banner ads, pop up ads and other forms of sponsored links.


NOTE: Many of these pop up ads and banner ads contains virus in them so beware!!!


This whole thing of pop up ads and banner ads will make your system slow and will also irritate you. Extension Virus can also put your online privacy to danger as since the installed extension is a virus, It can lead to browser hijacking, leaking of all your online information like bank account details and other saved passwords to the hackers.


What Ytmp3 is Capable of Doing?

Ytmp3 Virus is capable of doing a lot more than what you can even think of.


It can take control over your browser by hijacking your browser and keeping an eye on all your browsing activities.


Freezing your computer home screen, redirecting the users to other websites without the user consent, changing the browser’s default homepage and default settings, not loading a web page fully, and crashing the system at any point of time and a lot more.



Because of all these things it is highly recommended by us for our users to delete or uninstall as soon as possible in order to protect your computer system from other online attacks.


The longer you will delay, the more problems you will face.

How to remove Ytmp3?

There are many ways to remove virus but we here are providing you the best 2 ways in order to remove the virus from your computer easily.


  • Automatic Method:

The first, the easiest and the solution which we highly recommend is to download and Install Malware Crusher.


Malware Crusher has the ability to do an in-depth scanning of your system, checking all the files and folders, putting the infected files and software to quarantine and at the end asking you which files and folder you want to delete.


Malware Crusher can also solve many of your system problems automatically like stopping malicious pop up ads and other redirect virus from entering in your computer.


To be honest it is the most efficient, quick and safe malware removal software you will ever use.


We highly recommend our users to try Malware Crusher.


Now coming to the second way which is a bit complicated and that is why we don’t recommend it to our users.


  • Manual Method.

There is a step by step guide with the help of which you can remove virus manually from your computer browser but the point is why to go for the manual time consuming steps when you can remove the virus easily and completely from your computer in just 2 clicks.

Ytmp3 Services

Ohh btw, there is no surety of the virus getting removed from your browser completely if you are going for the manual method as if by mistake you forget to delete even a single file then the virus will not be deleted properly and its services will remain active in the system.

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