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A standout amongst the most convenient highlights of any Android gadget is simply the capacity to record. There are a lot of purposes behind needing to do as such also. Artists might need to record another thought, writers need to record meetings, and some even set it up to check whether they talk in their rest. Fortunately you don’t need to go and purchase a voice recorder from somewhere like Amazon or Walmart any longer. Your cell phone is impeccably fit for taking care of it for you! Here are the best voice recorder applications for Android! Note taking applications additionally have voice recording capacities.

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Call Recorder

Call Recorder is a standout amongst the most well known voice recorder applications. It additionally records telephone calls. It’s not awesome for general utilize, however. The application highlights approaching and active call recording, playback alternatives, white and boycotts, and that’s just the beginning. You can even set your source to be an amplifier, a voice call, or a camcorder. It’s useful for what it is. The free form contains promoting while the master rendition does not. Something else, the two forms should work essentially the equivalent.

Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder does what the name proposes. It gives a simple strategy to record things with your telephone. You open the application, hit the mic catch, record, share as required, and after that nearby the application. It likewise has a couple of extra highlights, similar to the capacity to change what sort of document compose you record to. It likewise has gadget bolster. The professional form additionally incorporates bolster for stereo account, Bluetooth amplifier support, and the sky is the limit from there. The star form additionally expels the promoting from the free form.


Hi-Q is one of the more ground-breaking voice recorder applications out there. It records in MP3. That makes the sound records perfect with essentially everything. Alongside that, you can have it transfer automatically to Dropbox once recording completions. It likewise accompanies gadget bolster, the capacity to pick which mic on your gadget you need to utilize (accepting you have more than one), bolster for Wi-Fi exchange, gain control, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The paid rendition includes a couple of more highlights also. The main drawback is that it doesn’t bolster telephone call recording.


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LectureNotes is outstanding amongst other applications for understudies. It completes a great deal of stuff. You can take notes, arrange those notes, and utilize them later for your homework. The application doesn’t record audio locally. Nonetheless, there is a module for $1.99 that includes that usefulness. Moreover, it gives you a chance to record stuff while you utilize the standard LectureNotes application. That makes it a brilliant one-two combo for, well, addresses. You can likewise get a module for chronicle recordings too. It’s likewise $1.99. It’s somewhat of a substantial bundle. Consequently, we don’t prescribe this for individuals searching for a straightforward, lightweight recorder. Notwithstanding, in case you’re school, this is about more or less great.

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam is an audio recording application for artists. It’s an incredible application for chronicle a few verses, music, or whatever else you crave doing. The application records various tracks, incorporates a proofreader for tweaking your generation, and extra devices for remixing and generally acing your work. There are in-application buys. They let you purchase things like circles and other such substance. It likewise has coordinate incorporation with SoundCloud, Facebook, and most other informal organizations. This is somewhat much on the off chance that you simply need to record a gathering or an address at school. In any case, performers should attempt this one first.

Otter Voice Notes

Otter is a voice recorder for experts. Its list of capabilities is for the most part for conferences and other more genuine issues. It does the nuts and bolts like account, sharing, and playback. It likewise incorporates a translation benefit, distributed storage, cross-stage support, and it even backings stuff like photographs. The free form incorporates 600 minutes of interpretation for every month. The top notch membership offers more than 6,000. It’s additionally not half awful for addresses and understudies get a markdown to $2.99 every month in the event that you need to go that course. It’s intense, yet just in the event that you truly require stuff like distributed storage, translations, and all the more ground-breaking stuff that way.


Snipback is an alternate sort of voice recorder application. Like most voice recorder applications, it plays out the nuts and bolts. You’ll have the capacity to record stuff, transfer it if require be, and deal with the documents. It likewise has some different highlights like audio quality choices, recording span determinations, and a commotion decrease channel. What makes it exceptional is the capacity to recover up to 30 seconds of audio from before you began recording. The main proviso is that you’ll have to leave the application open out of sight. It could deplete a touch of additional player, however it’s still really perfect.

Voice Recorder 2018

Voice Recorder 2018 is a genuinely standard and uninteresting voice recorder application. That might be its best component. You can do the rudiments like record, trim your audio, fare to MP3, spare your chronicles, playback old accounts, and offer. That is everything it does, basically. You can do some stuff like alter the example rate, however the vast majority of the application is clear. This is a better than average alternative for individuals who simply need something straightforward and allowed to record something. The individuals who need something all the more ground-breaking have an entire rundown here to reference. This one just records audio and yields it for your utilization. It contains promotions.

Voice Recorder Pro

Gratefully, Voice Recorder is a superior application than its flat name would infer. It is a completely highlighted application that likes to keep it straightforward. You’ll have the capacity to record in PCM (Wave), AAC, and AMR which gives you a decent assortment of alternatives. Over that, the interface is anything but difficult to utilize, documents are anything but difficult to discover and oversee, and this can be utilized to record telephone calls (if its gadget and OS bolstered). It likewise has different highlights, for example, a bitrate choice and significantly more. It’s one of the more workable and straightforward voice recorder applications.

Samsung Voice Recorder

The voice recorder applications on your telephone are an expert. First of all, they are in every case free. They’re likewise as of now introduced so it won’t take up any a greater amount of your stockpiling. They’re by and large straightforward with the fundamental highlights. Be that as it may, for a few gadgets, similar to LG’s V-arrangement telephones, the voice recorder application may take advantage of equipment highlights of the telephone that outsider voice recorder applications essentially can’t do. You should attempt the one that in all likelihood went ahead your telephone first just to make certain that you really require an outsider application.

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