Want to survive in the age of AI? Here’s what you need to do!

Do you know all this news that says how AI is going to destroy jobs and take over the world? Well, those days are already here. According to data by LinkedIn, we’re already in the midst of the AI age. Many of us fear what artificial might mean for the future, thanks to all the hype that is created around this technology.

The AI is now creating more jobs than professionals could be trained

Toronto, Canada has not only become the hotbed for AI engineer and AI experts but the competition to hire candidates having skills have become aggressive. Recruiters are finding it as a challenge to find professionals skilled in artificial intelligence.

It is said that Canada has the potential to dominate the AI industry, which will further create high paying compensation having spillover effects for the middle-class workers as well. The only key to survive this disruption is through continuous learning. This is not just for the individuals but for the employers looking out for skilled tech experts in AI.

The AI job opportunities: the artificial invasion

  • The healthcare: data analysis, diagnostics, and making use of data for predictive analytics.
  • Huge scope for tech professionals such as mobile developers, software developers, UI/UX developers.
  • Robotics: in the field of training, designing, installation, and repairing.
  • Education: updating of curriculum, retraining teachers, gamification, and creating online delivery training.
  • IoT jobs: this includes making homes and factories more efficient. Also, repairing, maintaining and supporting Siri and Alexa wearables.
  • Support companies in training and understanding how to use machine learning algorithms.
  • Facilitate people in helping them understand the usage of big data, and being productive.

Coding AI

Professionals who have the knack for building things on open source platform such as GitHub have an added advantage. Such development roles in AI require high emotional intelligence and high-order critical and innovative thinking. Only people with such a mindset have the capability of exploring the AI realm.

Professionals who aim to become AI engineer should have expert and in-depth knowledge in programming skills such as Java, Spark, Octave, TensorFlow, Python, R, C++, and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping).

Will humans and robots be able to work together?

Well, AI is here to make things easier for us.

According to Amazon, artificial intelligence will not always replace employees. By doubling up the numbers of robots in their warehouse, they will provide a better workforce and customer experience by speeding up the order fulfillment.

This is possible due to the virtuous cycle – more robots equal to more happy customers and a growth in demand. Amazon now has an increased workforce of about 30-50% year over year.

Automation also teaches that there will be demand for handmade products

The more we’re surrounded by automation and agents, the more and easier it will be for humans to make an impact on the products. Let us look at a few of the examples:

  • Handmade jewelry, handwoven rugs, and hand-painted clothes and objects
  • Handwriting, sketches, and hand-drawn faces
  • Live comedy
  • Live concerts and performances
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Human receptionist
  • Advisers and guides having a human perspective who will help people adjust to the changing world today

These are few of the things that AI will not be able to disrupt and take over, it will always remain genuine. You can still of many other things that the world will still need the human touch.

How do you retain and adapt to the next AI wave?

Reinventing and upgrading your tech skills and moving into job roles like AI experts and AI engineer are valuable ways to stay prepared for future jobs. Landing a career in AI represents a promising employment opportunity in the foreseeable future.

Perhaps the information is apt for you to not doubt choosing AI as your career today. Stay geared toward the best profession in the world and be future-ready.


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