What is the future of gaming industry?

Know the Future of Gaming industry

With advancement in science and technology gaming industry has come a long way since its conception from pixel-oriented graphics to photo-realistic visuals that we see today. Today gaming is no more limited to the single screen. In this modern era, you can play games like online pokemon games on various devices such as arcade machines, personal devices, consoles, hand-held devices, and VR (virtual reality) headsets, etc. Just like any other field gaming technology will continuously evolve and develop in the coming days. Here are few predictions that may turn into reality in the near future.


  • Immersive games through VR


Use of virtual reality has yet to be fully explored in the gaming industry. Even today video graphics seem to be cartoonish and unrealistic making games less immersive and clunky. With enhanced gaming technology and adaptation of virtual reality headsets that can deliver real-life like 3D graphics games may become more engaging and hyper-immersive than they are now. VR technology will also assist in smoothening out hardware capabilities that keep gamers away from immersive gameplay.



  • Open-source Development


The game development sector is prominently ruled by both small individual developers as well as AAA developers. This setting may vanish in the future with the emergence of better tools and will be replaced by lone wolfs or solo game developers that will be ready to develop and launch their games on their own. Besides developers, gaming enthusiasts have already proved their capabilities in the past by making major modifications to the existing versions of games and creating indie hits. It would be fascinating to see how open-source gaming development affects the gaming industry in the future.


  • Cloud Gaming


Cloud computing technology has increased speed and reliability of the internet in almost all sectors. Incorporating this technology will let you play the game from any device with a steady internet connection, allow you to download updates, and make access to games cheaper and easier.


  • Augmented Reality(AR)


Augmented Reality just like virtual reality has been experimented with in the gaming industry but has not been fully utilized. The success of Pokemon Go gave us glimpses of potential that augmented reality has in store for us. AR can enable us to play games through various gaming apps on mobiles and smartphones and it can similarly be used along with virtual reality/ augmented reality headsets and futuristic consoles. In future game technology augmented reality may be combined with wearable devices such as Google Glass or smartwatch.


  • Handheld consoles


Hand-held consoles that vanished in the 2000s are back with a bang and are here to stay for a considerable amount of time. Success and popularity of the Nintendo Switch symbolize the presence of the audience who would prefer mobile devices for video gaming instead of tablets and smartphones. Handheld console will attract gamers who don’t want to be disturbed by other app notifications and old nostalgic gamers who would like to relive old gaming experiences. Hence, handheld consoles would likely dictate the gaming industry in the upcoming days.


  • Secondary Screens


Three giants in video gaming console sector have come up with the concept of secondary screens that allows players to use the secondary screen to supplement main screens like smartphones and PCs while playing. Wii U GamePad by Nintendo comes with a touch screen that can be augmented with the device or main screen on which games is being played. Downloading Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass application provides an additional tool in order to enhance a game that is played on another main device. Sony has successfully integrated its handheld PS Vista with PlayStation 3 consoles allowing players to switch from one device to another while playing the games.


Gaming platforms are constantly being improved and new ones are created a day in and day out with the help of innovative technology. With the introduction of the augmented and virtual reality, the gaming industry is going to witness drastic changes with improved photorealistic visuals and immersive graphics accompanied by modern devices and consoles that let you access, play, and update games form any corner of the world with internet connectivity.  While cloud technology has made it easy to store and save your gaming progress safe and secure irrespective of your location.

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