Is It Safe to Use a Free VPN Service?

Let’s suppose that you already know what a VPN is. VPNs come in different forms and sizes. Some offer remarkable security features. Others are great for streaming. And then there are some that aren’t great at anything, but they come free of cost. The question is: are these free VPN services safe? Do they come with some invisible costs of their own? Here we discuss why using a free VPN may not be a good idea.

Why Free VPNs are Bad for Health?

Remember your mama telling you not to collect free stuff from strangers? It would’ve seemed like an odd instruction at the time, but as you grew up, you may have realized that there was sound logic behind it. Taking things for free can sometimes have very bad consequences. Because, to be frank, nothing in this world comes for free. You have to pay for things you use one way or another.

Ever heard the term: “If you’re not paying for the product, then you are a product”? This is exactly the case with using free VPN services. You may be happy in the thought that you get to use a service for free. But running even a small VPN business requires infrastructure that costs a lot of money. And even these free VPN services have to pay the bills one way or another. And the best way for them to make money off you is to violate your privacy.

Free VPN services are known to record and compile data of their online users. They keep this data and make profiles of their users, mentioning their likes and dislikes, or any personal information that they can get their hands on. This data is then sold to data-mining businesses, who then sell it to marketers of different companies. This data is then used to create personalized ads. By personalized ads, I mean ads which were made specifically keeping your interests in mind, so you would be attracted towards it. This may seem like an amazing marketing move, but for a normal user, it is a complete violation of privacy.

This is only one scenario of how free VPNs make money by using you as a product. Other scenarios are far more dark and ugly. For instance, a lot of free VPN services are actually run by hackers and cybercriminals. These entities use their services to spy on you and keep track of your online activities as well as private data such as your passwords and communications. They can then use this data to steal your identity for their own benefit, like using your social account to make terrorist threats or your bank information to purchase any product online.

Many times, this data is sold on the dark web. Imagine seeing your private pictures that you probably sent on a private chat to a friend appearing on an unknown website. This is exactly what happens when the wrong people get their hands on your data and they start playing with it.

Our Verdict: Are Free VPNs really Safe?

The answer is no, they are not safe at all. They may give the impression of being professional and a trustworthy VPN service, but believe me when I tell you, it is a risk to use a free VPN service in any circumstance. There is no logic in the fact that such a VPN service can manage its entire infrastructure free of cost.

So when you have to choose between a free VPN service and a paid one, we always recommend that you choose the latter. Paid VPN services are better and much more reliable then free VPN services. We are well acquainted with their payment model, which is receiving subscription fee from their clients. And what’s even better is that they actually offer great features on top of reliability and keeping your data private and anonymous. Paid VPN services offer loads of features to their users, like providing a better streaming experience, offering more servers, and better security and privacy features.

Which Paid VPN Service is the Best?

There are many and many VPN services available on the web. Even when it comes to the paid VPN market, you’ll find many options on the web. But which VPN should you choose in order to enjoy the best online experience? Our answer is PureVPN.

A lot of people ask the following questions: is PureVPN safe, is PureVPN any good, does PureVPN keep logs? The answers to all of these questions are very satisfactory.

PureVPN is among the safest VPN services on the market. It offers the strongest encryption standards to keep you protected on the web. Other features, such as IKS, keep you secure and more anonymous.

PureVPN is among the best VPN services on the web. It offers connectivity to over 2,000 servers in 140 countries. These include exclusive servers that provide access to the American version of Netflix, among other channels from different countries like the UK and Australia. This server network is among the largest owned by any VPN brand in the world. Moreover, users in Australia and UK review PureVPN as the fastest VPN in Australia for Netflix streaming.

To answer the third question, we are completely sure that PureVPN does not keep any logs. The VPN service was recently audited by Altius IT, which revealed that the service doesn’t store any kinds of logs. Therefore, we can say assurance that the VPN service doesn’t store any logs and respects user privacy.

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