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Basketball is a fast-paced sport which is played all over the world. People follow this sport a lot, and it is one of the most-watched games. Playing basketball is not very difficult and doesn’t require a lot of equipment. But it is essential to have the necessary equipment needed to play this sport.

Most professional basketball players are role models for children. Naturally, people tend to use the equipment used by these players. Let us take a look at some of the equipment needed to play basketball.

The Ball

A ball is a most basic and most important thing you need. You cannot play basketball without a ball. You can consider many elements before buying a ball. For instance, if a kid has to play, you will buy a smaller ball while the professional players with a bigger ball. Generally, leather basketballs are the smoothest to play with and are used in leagues worldwide. But they should be used only in indoor courts. Synthetic or rubber balls can be used to play on outdoor or asphalt surfaces. Spalding is one of the leading basketball producers and provides excellent quality balls.

Basketball Top

A jersey is significant in basketball. The top should be loose fitted and sleeveless. The free jerseys help the players in a quick movement and make sure their action is not affected. It helps them jump quickly and extend their arms which is essential in basketball. The jerseys should be made of a material which is lightweight and provides ventilation for the players. A good jersey should absorb the moisture and prevent the players from getting sweaty. The jerseys also add to the teamwork and team spirit. It is easier when all the teammates wear the same jerseys.

Basketball Shorts

Shorts are usually made of the same cloth as the tops and serve a similar purpose to them. They are loose so that the players can feel comfortable in movement. The shorts should allow them to run and jump freely without any difficulties. The jerseys should have a rubber waistband, but it should not be too tight. It should give a grip to the shorts. The long shorts help the players to keep warm and also provide protection to their muscles. The shorts should absorb the moisture readily and not get heavy as it will increase the burden on the players.

Basketball Shoes

Shoes are essential equipment for a basketball player. The sport involves a lot of running and jumping. The players should go for shoes which provide superior protection and support to their foot. It is common for basketball players to injure their ankles if their shoes are not good enough. Players in different positions also require different types of shoes. The High Ankle shoes extend up to the ankles and provide sufficient protection to the ankles, but they are generally bulky and more massive. Mid Ankle shoes rise till the ankle. They offer less protection but help the players to increase their speed and movement. One can easily find good quality shoes at any leading sports equipment store. Players at the forward positions generally wear high ankle shoes. Players at the guard position require speed, and therefore, they wear mid-ankle shoes.

Arm Sleeve

Basketball players use arm sleeves, also called shooting sleeves. This sleeve has a variety of advantages for the players. It helps to prevent upper arm and elbow injury rehabilitation and prevention. It also helps to keep the arm warm and help the players in shooting the basketball. Players have reported that the sleeves enabled them to improve their shooting accuracy and technique. Apart from these benefits, the arm sleeves also provide a fashion statement. The modern players love to use the sleeve.

Mouth Guard

A mouthguard is also a piece of necessary equipment for basketball players. It protects the face, gums, and teeth from injury. Basketball involves a lot of contacts, and it is common for a player to get hit in the face. One can even get hit by the ball. The mouth guards don’t restrict a player’s breathing or speaking.

Moreover, they provide valuable protection to your mouth. It is a sensitive area which can be easily injured, so the mouth guard plays a vital role in basketball. The player should pick the right size for his mouth guard so that he feels comfortable while using it.

Knee Pads

Knee pads are essential to basketball players. They provide complete protection to the knees and also help in rehabilitation from injuries. Basketball involves a lot of jumping and running. So, it is easy to injure the knee. Players can fall hard on their knees and suffer a severe injury if they don’t wear a knee pad. They also provide a better grip to the leg and help in agile movement.

Final Words

These are the essential equipment for basketball players. One should always use the right quality products to perform well and reduce the risk of injury. These equipment helps the players to play their game in the best way.

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