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Commercial refrigeration is a necessity for restaurants, grocery stores, and any other type of business which handles perishable goods. It is essential for your work, cooling all your beverages and food items.

If your refrigeration system breaks down unexpectedly, you could have a severe problem. That’s why it’s important to make routine checks of your order. Let us check out some maintenance tips to keep your commercial refrigerator running correctly.

Consistently clean the interior and exterior

Try scheduling a proper cleaning of your refrigerator unit on a weekly period. Use a gentle brush to clean the shelves and the surface with water and detergent solution. The exterior of your system should also be cleaned regularly. It’s necessary to use adequate cleaning solutions on the exterior steel frame. A mix of water and a detergent-based solution is the best for the maintenance of your system. Also, remove any grease or baked food from the surface.

Cleaning the Condenser coil 

One should always clean the refrigerator’s condenser coil regularly for proper functioning. Most companies will recommend you to clean every three months. Because of excess dirt and dust, the cabinet temperature may tend to increase, which may cause other parts and components not to function correctly. The coil is located near the condenser. The manual generally tells us the proper cleaning tips and methods.

Keep a check on the gaskets.

The gaskets are an essential part of any refrigeration unit. Any type of crack or breakage will not let the door close properly, causing cold air to exit the fridge. A broken gasket should be replaced as soon as possible. If there are no cracks you should still clean the gaskets to avoid any further damage.

Check the Air filters should regularly 

Dust and grease can be a problem for your fridge’s air filters. It can prevent air in the refrigerator from proper ventilation, and therefore regular cleanings are essential. Remove any dust or debris with a powerful vacuum. Make sure to replace the air filter immediately if there are too much dust and grease collected in it.

Check the area by the evaporator coil 

The evaporator coil is installed near the evaporator fan, and its function is to absorb heat as warm air pass through the evaporator coils. Make sure to keep the area surrounding the coil clean and clear consistently. You should avoid overloading the fridge with plenty of foods, in case they are very hot. The coil can freeze in case the airflow is blocked, leading to leakage of water and a rise in temperature.

Drain pans and tubes should be cleaned regularly

Always remember to check your drain pans and other tubes which can collect slime and sludge because they will cause your refrigeration system to freeze. If your drain pan is overflowing with moisture, it will emit a foul odor in your kitchen space. Warm water with a detergent solution should be used to clean the container once a month.

Try to check the tube routinely to prevent any kind blockage. When there is a clog in your drainage hose, it will cause the defrost system to overflow which will leak. If there are any spots or other debris in the tube, be sure to clean it up.

Reduce energy bills

Dirty condenser coils will make your freezers work more to maintain the temperature, using a large amount of energy in the process. Worn gaskets, pans, and door handle cause cold air to leak, which will, in turn, use a lot more electricity. The settings on your system should be adequate, which will lead to maximum efficiency at low power usage.

Extend the life of your equipment

Regular maintenance and cleaning will make your unit more efficient and will also help it last longer. When parts are dirty and worn out, the fridge runs on a high frequency, that causes excessive strain on the components. Eventually, the system breaks down far before it should have.

Avoid mold and contaminated ice

Neglected ice machines can carry bacteria and viruses including salmonella and listeria etc. It can also lead to health code violations against the owner. The dust and mold inside your freezer can cause contamination of food and cause illness to consumers. To remedy this and prevent it from happening, call a maintenance expert to disassemble the unit and thoroughly clean its components. Cleaning also has the added benefit of increasing the ice yield.


When units don’t work correctly, they waste a lot of energy and money. You can also hire a professional service like coldroom repairs Darwin to maintain your cooling units. We should keep the above tips in mind, and our refrigeration units will work to its maximum potential. Maintaining commercial refrigerators also enhance their life and efficiency.

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