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Nashik has always been prominent in the tourist map of India, especially among Hindu religious tourism, due to the legend that Mr. Rama lived here during his exile. Gangapur Street, College Street and Trimbak Street from the suburban lines. For many, Nashik is just one stop on their route to Shirdi or Trimbakeshwar.

nashik City
Trimbakeshwar Temple

If one decides to stop and look at the city and its surroundings, there is a lot to see and explore. The Gangapur Dam is a beautiful place. The Dudhsagar waterfalls near the village of Gangapur are worth seeing, especially in the rainy season, like Anjaneri Parvat. A few kilometers from the village of Gangapur there is a site of the Stone Age. The Pandavleni caves, from the 6th century and Buddhist origin,

You could say that College Road is the place where everything happens in the city. There are shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas, coffee shops.

The best way to get around the city of Nasik is by using the rickshaws. There are also buses that take you to the most important tourist destinations, besides being able to use public transport which is quite good.

If you need to shop in the shopping centers you are in the heart of the city, on Main Road. Here you can find everything you need.

In Nashik you can find a variety of accommodations, and for all budgets. With the growth experienced by the city, in recent years new hotels have appeared that are already part of the urban geography of the city.

A good way to spend the afternoon is to see some movie that is in one of the multi-cinemas of the city. You may not understand what they say in the film but it will be quite an experience to see how they live and enjoy cinema in this country

There is a great variety of good restaurants in Nasik, you can even find a McDonald, but what is always recommended is to find a place to enjoy Indian cuisine, although sometimes it is somewhat complicated to find this place nice and clean. If you’re looking for more western food with a larger menu, you can search for the restaurant of a luxury hotel.

It is recommended to take a trip and visit the Trimbhakeshwar temple.

How to Reach Nasik

Nasik is about 180 kilometers from Mumbai, and there are frequent buses from Dadar in Mumbai that make the journey in about five hours, or you can also take buses from Borivali or Thane. You can ask in a travel agency if there is a private agency that makes this route, and in this case the buses will be more comfortable although the ticket will be quite expensive. There is an agency,, which offers an air-conditioned vehicle transportation service from Mumbai Airport to the city of Nashik.

The trains “Panchavati Express” and “Godavari Express” operate daily between Mumbai and Nashik. As a precaution, say that Nashik is on the Central Train Line and the Dadar train station is a kind of liaison place for the Central Line and the West Line, so be sure you are in the right place of the station (the eastern part for the Central Line).

From Pune you can get to Nasik by train, although you have to bear in mind that the train station (called “Nasik Road”) is about 10 kilometers from the city. From Pune it is almost preferable to use one of the numerous buses, or one of the shared taxis available.

The Nasik Ozar Airport is located about 25 kilometers from the city of Nashik, and has daily domestic flights from Mumbai (Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport).

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