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various peaks to choose from below and above 6,000 meters’ 

Nepal Himalaya Trekking Peaks offers various exciting and adventurous destinations across the country for trekkers and adventurer to enjoy the art and skill of climbing. Though there are numbers of good trekking routes to go, Here are the Top 5 Peak Climbing in Nepal. 

Nepal Himalaya Trekking Peaks, with so many peaks to choose from as Nepal is a leading country for all types of adventure where the world’s highest mountains located in Nepal.

Around the world listed 14th major and high above 8,000 meters mountains where Nepal captures 8th of eight-thousander with Everest, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Cho-Oyu, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu with Annapurna.

Which makes Nepal one of the most popular and sought a place for various trekking areas and climbing peaks, with tallest peaks of the planet with a wide range of satellite lesser mountains.

Besides 8,000 meters where many 7,000 meters and above and below 6,000 m high peaks are present around whole Nepal Himalaya, where people can take various options for the climb on trekking peaks from above 6,000 m and below.

Island Peak Climbing / Imjatse:

Island Peak at the height of 6,160 m and 20,205 ft high one of the most ventured and climbed peaks within whole Himalaya range of the country, due to its assist with the flight from Lukla, with various places for acclimatization and practice climb.

As well requires only a few days of camping gear, where most of the walks till base camp can stay in the local nice cozy lodge. By the increase in height of the mountain, you may feel a little bit difficult. But, dont worry you will surely be bringing the necessary Kits for any kind of sickness.

The Island Peak climb leads to a grade of PD + means Per Difficult as from French and Swiss Alpine Climbing Classification Systems, walk and climb on ice, moraine and glacier a straightforward climb with some technical section to face on reaching the summit of Island Peak / Imjatse.

Mera Peak Climbing:

Mera Peak stands at the height of 6,461 meters and 21,190 feet high located east of Khumbu and Lukla and south of Mt. Everest falls on the route to Baruntse and Makalu mountain range. Mera Peak Climbing is the highest trekking peak climbing in Nepal. This is the most loved peak by the climbers from around the world

A great walk beyond villages and human settlement to reach the hidden areas of Inku valley towards Mera Peak base camp, Mera Peak one of the highest trekking peaks of Nepal an easy to climb of less technical difficulty.

Where that grade is F means ‘Facial Easy’ the climbing systems taken as per French and Swiss Alpine Climbing Classification Systems, walk and climb on ice, moraine and glacier a straightforward climb with less technical difficulty all the way to the summit of Mera Peak.

Mera Peak Climbing requires full climbing and camping gear throughout the trekking and climbing.

Lobuche East Peak Climbing:

Lobuche East located west of Everest at close distance on route to Everest base camp and high Kalapathar hill stands at 6,119 m and 20,070 ft facing complete panorama of Khumbu Himal range with Makalu, Everest, and Cho-Oyu. Lobuche Peak is situated on the Everest Region, being in the famous trekking region Lobuche peak climbing is also famous. 

Climb to Lobuche East Peak, with few nights in tented camps after staying in a lodge on treks to Lobuche East base camp.

Chulu Peak Climbing:

With many trekking peaks to offer around the northern side of massive Annapurna Himalaya around scenic Manang valley, where most popular are Chulus peaks with Chulu East 6,584m/21,596 ft the highest among trekking peaks of Nepal.

Where other Chulus are Chulu West 6,419m/21,054 ft with Chulu mid and Far East Chulus including Pisang Peak with the same range of Manang Himal.

Tent Peak or Tharpu Chuli 5,663m/18,575 ft located within Annapurna Sanctuary and base camp, other peaks around are Huin-Chuli 5,441 m and Singu Chuli 6,501 m or Fluted peaks and Mardi Himal at 5,587 m high.

Yala Peak Climbing:

Yala Peak at 5,500 m and 18,044 ft around scenic Langtang valley an easy F graded climb to reach the summit top. There is a say that this is easier trekking peak climbing in Nepal as compare to other famous Peaks. 

Naya-Kanga peak or Ganjala Chuli 5,844 m high located within Langtang Himal and south of Langtang valley. Langtang Region is itself marvelous trekking region and so does the Yala Peak Climbing. This Peak Climbing can be completed in 12-14 days. 


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