Bridging Visa C

Understanding the Bridging Visa C Regime


Learn to when to build bridges —–

In reality, you should be building new bridges when life disappoints you build bridges to connect with like-minded others to connect with you” said Charles E Hudson an American politician. This is precisely what the Australian Government is doing with its bridge visas. They have not only learned how to build human bridges with visa but have different kinds to different situations, as foreseen by them. Among the six bridge visas made available by the Australian Government, bridging visa c subclass 030 is also very important.

Importance of Bridging Visa C:

Bridging Visa C is a temporary arrangement offered as a supportive life-line to a difficult situation. This situation arises when the old visa becomes inactive and the ray of hope dangles in the form of a bridging visa before the new applied visa becomes active.

This scene unfolds when the substantive visa of a person expires and the person’s stay in Australia suddenly becomes unlawful. On applying for another substantive visa, this temporary bridging c visa is granted to tide over the situation. This visa is valid for 28 days.

With the grant of this bridging visa 030 once again the applicant’s stay in Australia becomes lawful. If an applicant holds a bridging visa 030 he cannot leave Australia as BVC does not allow the person’s re-entry once he leaves the country. This visa is valid till 28 days or the day the new substantive visa becomes effective.

An overview of the Bridging Visa C (BVC):

The salient points about this visa are as follows –

  • This visa is temporary

  • This visa is granted free of cost

  • There is no fixed processing time for the grant of this visa

  • With this visa, stay in Australia becomes lawful until

  • A substantive visa is granted after the determining proceedings are completed or

  • The judicial review’s findings are in favor of the applicant for the substantive visa to be granted

  • The applicant is permitted to work if the required provisions for work are met

  • The applicant must be present in Australia while applying for this temporary visa

Bridging Visa 030 deciphered:

Features of this Visa:

The following are the main features of visa 030

  • To become a spontaneously part of the applied substantive visa but

  • A separate visa application for BVC extension is needed for work without restrictions and

  • A judicial review is applied for

  • To make the presence in Australia a lawful one in the absence of a valid visa till the grant of a new substantive visa but

  • The same bridging visa is of no use if one is expecting a decision on the citizenship application

The active period of bridging visa:

Once the current substantive visa is no more effective, this bridging visa B subclass 030 comes into effect. In case there is a bridging visa application, the date it is granted, it comes into force. If the applicant’s more powerful and favorable visa application is granted the effect of this visa automatically ceases.

Need for the bridging Visa 030:

The main purpose of this visa is to make the gap period between two substantive visas a lawful one. The applicant Australian stay with substantive visa expiry and the time till another one granted becomes unlawful as per Australian Laws. Even in the event of an applicant’s application under judicial review, this visa helps in the applicant’s Australian stay a lawful one. This is useful when merits review tribunal supports substantive visa refusal and the matter is under judicial review proceedings.

Conditions for working when Visa 030 is in effect:

The applicant cannot work under BVC. There is an exemption to this rule. If the substantive visa application is for one of the below mentioned SkillSelect visas the restriction becomes null and void.

  • Subclass 132 of Business Talent Visa

  • Subclass 888 of them both provisional and permanent Business Innovation and Investment Visa

  • Subclass 186 of the Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

  • Subclass 187 of the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa

  • All subclasses of skilled Visas namely – i) independent visa (subclass 189) ii)nominated visa (subclass 190) and iii) Regional provisional visa (subclass 489)

There are more interesting points to be noted. i) Any demonstration of financial hardship experienced by the applicant is considered favorably for a BVC that allows one to work. Australian Government prides itself on being lenient in judging the applicant’s claim concerning his prevailing circumstances ii)Any protection visa applicant applying for a BVC review stands a chance of getting a new BVC. This BVC may allow the applicant to work in case the previous BVC had allowed the same.

Determination of stay duration:

The duration of stay under BVC is determined by when the visa is granted. The actual number of staying days can be seen VEVO once the outcome of the discussed situational applications comes to its notification. If the BVC is granted on or after 19th November 2016 it is effective for 35 days. If it is granted before it is effective for 28 days.

Inclusion of the family:

The applicant’s family can also apply together for a substantive visa. It means the application for BVC is also a collective one. It is prudent to check VEVO to know whether they hold a BVC.

Relevant points to remember:

It is better to keep in mind that the application processing is going to take more than normal time under the following conditions – i) incorrect application forms ii)inclusion of insufficient documents. All these take time for verification.

Meanwhile, the applicants and the family members’ compliance with – i) Australian laws ii) conditions as laid in the current visa and iii) conditions as laid in BVC is expected. You should always consult an immigration agent Adelaide, as they know how to tackle all these problems of yours and they will make your visa journey hassle-free.


An applicant’s visa is digitally linked to the passport. Granting BVC is the responsibility of the Department of Home Affairs. Mehmet Murat Ildan Contemporary Turkish playwright, novelist, and thinker says that if one is good at building bridges, he will never fall into the abyss. Truthful words are reflective of the present-day world scenario. 

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Bridging Visa C is a temporary visa and a good choice for all those people whose substantive visa is expired and the new visa is on processing mode.

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