Why The Bali In Indonesia has become The Best fashion trip

Coconut palm beaches, hundreds of temples and unique culture are some of the keys to understanding why Bali is the fashion trip. Do you want to know everything there is to see in Bali?

Everything you can see in Bali

When we think of paradise, classic concepts come to mind, but equally dreamy: that coconut water between palm trees and facing the sea, mountains caressed by clouds or rice terraces of a superlative green unfolding to the horizon.

Hence, for these and many other reasons, the island of Bali, in Indonesia, is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, especially among surfers, honeymooners or adventure lovers in search of new and exuberant contrasts.

And, through its 45 volcanoes, more than 10,000 temples and 500 species of coral, also known as “Island of the Gods” gives a mosaic of experiences and monuments that we analyze in this summary about what to see in Bali:

Pure Tanah Lot

Of great Hindu influence, the island of Bali honors its gods through temples such as the wonderful Pura Tanah Lot. Erected on an islet south of Bali, this temple erected in honor of the deity of the sea is the perfect tropical picture from which succumb to some of the best sunsets in the world.


One of the most famous places to see in Bali is located in the heart of the island and is the best threshold when entering all the contrasts in the area: from yoga retreat places to spice markets, millenary temples or Tropical forests passing through one of the great attractions of Bali. . .

Rice paddies

While around Ubud are some of the most lush rice paddies in Bali, those less crowded and, therefore, much more fascinating, hide in the Tegallalang area. A tapestry of an infinite green seasoned with palm trees and a unique freshness that reconciles us with that magic and tradition that we came to look for.


The largest and most important religious complex in Bali is called Besakih and is a delight for the senses. 22 temples make up this place where references to some Hindu gods such as Shiva, Brahma or Vishnu are not lacking, as well as a panorama at the foot of Mount Agung and inside a spotted lake of lotuses that confirm the charm of the great monumental giant of the island.

Lake Bratan

Land of volcanoes, Lake Bratan stands on a crater drawing the shapes of the beautiful Ulun Danu temple, another of the great attractions to see in Bali.

Gili Islands

Although Bali has some of the best beaches in the world, those most paradisiacal reside on the Gili Islands, an archipelago 2 hours by boat from Bali where you can enjoy a unique seafaring culture around an almost supernatural turquoise blue beaches.

The climate in Bali is one of the best in the world

If the set of attractions to see in Bali is already a compelling reason to travel to the island, another of its great attractions lies in an ideal Bali climate to travel at any time of the year.

Defined by a tropical climate throughout the twelve months of the year due to its proximity to the line of Ecuador, Bali is divided into a dry season (between May and September) ideal to enjoy the high temperatures and a monsoon station that it covers from the end of October to the month of April. The rain that, unlike other countries, here are much softer.

It should be noted that Bali is itself an island with diverse microclimates, being able to enjoy temperatures of up to 30 degrees in coastal areas and about 15 in mountainous or inland areas.

The average price of traveling to Bali is very attractive

Despite its current fame, Bali is one of the best destinations to travel to thanks to its prices.

First, flights barely exceed 400 euros round-trip from Spain, a low figure compared to the usual 600/700 of other island paradises such as Sri Lanka.

But the best lies in the fact that Bali itself is a cheap nation. In restaurants or street stalls, you will find dishes that barely exceed 4 euros, while non-alcoholic drinks are around 50 cents per unit.

Regarding accommodation, the range of cheap hotels, or hostels, range between 7 and 10 euros per night, while those mid-level accommodations reach 30 per night for a double room.

Finally, there is a great option to consider when discovering what to see in Bali: do it by motorcycle. Fill the deposit and feel free to know this dream island on two wheels without paying more 5 euros per day.

Typical Bali food is Exquisite

If we add the cuisine of Bali to its attractions, climate, and prices, the presence of paradise on Earth is more than evident. A compendium of dishes of various influences (from India to Europe, through Malaysia) where spices, seafood, coconut or, above all, rice prevail. These are some of our recommendations:

Nasi campur

A set of rice, meat, vegetables, egg and soy that is served throughout the whole island.

Nasi goreng

A gastronomic genius consisting of fried rice with egg, chicken, satay (grilled meat) and soy sauce.

Gado Gado

If you like peanut sauce, Gado Gado is your dish, since different vegetables are sprinkled, from carrot to onion, with this rich spiced cream, lime juice or even seafood.

Otta otak

This typical dish consists of cooking fish wrapped in a flour cake and a banana leaf before cooking. A fusion of flavors as exotic as brutal.

Ah! And do not forget to taste their delicious teas or drinks like Jahe telor, made with ginger and egg.

Because in addition to all the attractions to see in Bali, there is an entire island to eat it.

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