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Since we are living in a digital era, we rely on digital platforms for everything. Even businesses are accepting this transformation. They are using digital platforms to grow their business and the first step towards the digitalization of any business is to get a website. It has become mandatory for businesses to have an online presence to achieve more profits and sales.
However, just having a website is not enough. Elements of website which you as a webmaster are including in your website will decide how your website is going to perform after launch.

There are certain things you should keep in mind before starting to design a website:

  • SEO optimized web page:

    As Dr. Christopher Dayagdag said, “Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon” and we all must agree to this statement. There’s no use of having a website that has a minimum of zero visitors. Imagine you have opened a store and you get zero customers visiting your store, is it worth? No, right? Same it the concept with the website. To get more traffic on your website (which could later turn into the buyer of your product) you have to make sure that your website is well SEO optimized.

  • Mobile-friendliness must not be ignored:

  • If the purpose of getting a website is to reach more audiences worldwide than you cannot afford to ignore mobile-friendliness.

Let’s see some of the stats about mobile uses:

  1. According to Statista, in 2018, 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones.
  2. According to Business2Community, around 65% of the digital media time is spent on mobile phones.
  3. According to Google, in 2018, more than half (51%) of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphones.
  4. According to Smart Insights, smartphones contributed to 55% of Google search ad clicks in Q4 2017.

These are some of the recent stats related to mobile searches. Apart from this, if your customer visits a website that doesn’t load fast, images are not optimized, content is wider than the screen and user have to zoom in and out in order to access the website, etc. then the chances are your visitors are not going to stay on your site for more than 15 seconds (Even that’s very long session). It is said that users decide on the first 15 seconds if they want to be on the website or they want to leave. You, as a webmaster has got less than 15 seconds to leave your impression on the user.

Previously, Google has announced Mobile-first indexing which means, Google is now using the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking.
There is a lot about mobile-friendliness benefits. So, it is a must to ensure the mobile-friendliness of a website.

  • Clear navigation:

    User-Friendly navigation helps the users to have great experience while they are on your website. User-Friendly navigation helps the users to go from one page to another page easily without jumbling. If the user has landed on page A whereas they are looking for a specific thing that is on page B then clear navigation helps them to find that part of the content. If your website fails to provide proper navigation then the user will exit from the website and you don’t want this to happen (am I right?).
    So, provide clear and user-friendly navigation with the help of internal linking (which also helps in SEO).

  • Relevant call to action:

    A call to action button is that element which no website owners can ignore. A call to action button helps your audience/visitor to take the necessary action while they are on your website. After all, that is the whole reason behind making a beautiful website, isn’t it?

Just having a random boring call to action won’t help. Make a unique yet simple and something that encourages visitors to take action on your webpage.

Here is an example of Master Blogging’s Call to action


  • Load more button:

    It is said that around 50% of visitors exit the website because the website fails to load faster which frustrates them. To avoid the loading time you must add load more button (yes, that’s also going to help your SEO).

A website with bad design is equal to having no website at all because, in the end, visitors are going to quit from your site without taking any action. Also remember, great design and good functionality of the website go hand in hand and if you want to get your website visibility increased, you have to make sure the website GUI and other elements are according to the SEO. If you are still confused about the above-discussed things then I would suggest you get your user-friendly website ready from a web designing company that is expert in making SEO optimized websites.

This article has been written for an SEO optimized website. You shouldn’t have a website if you are not considering SEO (a website would be useless if there’s no engagement, no visitors, no actions are being taken).

I hope you will have some basic idea about the important elements of website after reading this article. Suggestions, feedbacks are always appreciated (write it down below in the comment section)

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